12 Spongebob GIFs That Sum Up Your End of Semester Struggle


This semester has been painfully long. With only a little over a month left until it finally comes to a close, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the proper levels of care and motivation necessary for the final brunt of school. Unfortunately, it’s also the most important time of the academic year, what with essays and presentations and FINALS coming up. You’re on the end of semester struggle bus. You’re tired, fed up, and, most of all, ready for summer.

So spring break has come and gone, and you’re ready for the semester to end…

You and your best friend have started organizing your summer travel plans and the excitement is setting in.


You’re ready to board that plane and head out in search of adventure right. This. Minute. But you can’t. Because somehow, school is still in session.

happy sad

Yeap. You still have one month to go before freedom is yours. A month full of projects, presentations, and essays. Yeah, remember that research paper you assigned at the beginning of the semester? It’s due in like three weeks.


20 pages on…something to do with llamas? Dalai Lama? Crap, you have no idea. You’re freaking out, yet you really can’t locate the motivation to do anything about the situation because you’re just so done with school. So you just sit there, incapable of processing anything.


Not only do you still have a ton of assignments to do, you also have to actually GO to class. You can’t skip anymore without risking failing so you have no choice but to drag your butt out of bed and into one of those freakin’ uncomfortable wooden desks.


You’re so deep into the semester that nothing even matters anymore. You forgot bring a pen to class. And a notebook. And pretty much anything and everything of use. Oh. My. God. So little care.


The rest of April passes in this manner. Before you know it, it’s May. Everything is due. And I mean everything. It suddenly hits you that the end is nigh and you are totally unprepared to face it. Cue panic-mode.


Who’s in your group? Are you supposed to make a powerpoint? Where in the hell is the powerpoint thing in the start menu? And those papers… what’s the format? MLA, APA, Chicago Style? SO MANY QUESTIONS. SO MUCH ANGER.


You’re beyond frustrated and stressed and sad because you’re so close to summer and yet so damn far. You pull four all-nighters in a row in an attempt to get everything done.


You don’t know what your name is anymore. You find yourself randomly muttering about things like Christoper Marlow and fiscal irresponsibility.


And it isn’t even over yet, guys. The final days of the semester are the cruelest of all the days, promising nothing but sleepless nights and carpal tunnel.

brain dead

t’s a struggle all us students endure. The consequences of weeks of procrastination and laziness are about to hit us like a ton of breaks. But persevere, my friends! Because I swear, summer is right around the corner.


Are you counting down until summer?