12 Ways You Know Someone is Your Best Friend


Best friends are hard to find so when you  have them, keep them close and don’t let them go! Here are some GIFs that show the ways  in which you know that someone is your best friend:


1. They don’t avoid you when you’re in a bad mood, they try to make you feel better

You’re in a horrible mood and want to be left alone, but your best friend doesn’t give up on you


2. You make up coordinated dances with them

You started getting ready to go to a party, but your favorite song comes on and you bring on the moves


3. No matter how long you’ve been apart, you’re always SO excited to see them

Whether it’s been months or minutes, you’re always happy to see their face


4. They always have your back

From lending you a shirt to giving you great advice, you know you can go to them for anything.


5. But you still have your bad moments and fights

Relationships aren’t always perfect, sometimes you get in an argument here and there, but you can overcome anything.


6. They tell you the truth, but stay friends with you no matter what

You embarrass me in public.


7. You entertain each other for hours in the simplest ways

Opening Photobooth together will make you laugh until you cry


8. They’ve seen you at your worst

Whether you’ve been angry, hungover, upset about a test, or just feeling ugly, they’ve seen it and they don’t care


9. They’ll always rally and go out with you

On the nights that no one else will go out with you, you know you’ll have them.


10. Or sacrifice their fun night to stay in with you

Sometimes you just want to stuff your face, wear sweatpants, and watch a movie


11. You’re sometimes mean to each other

But it’s all in good fun.


12. But always there in times of need.

You always know who to go to with your worst fears and biggest problems


What about your best friend?