25 Things Every College Student Says


College is the best four years of your life. Seriously. Your classes only meet once or twice a week, there’s always something happening on the weekends, you basically live on your own for free, and it’s socially acceptable to order alarge pizza for yourself at 3:00 in the morning.

No matter what you experience during your time at school, there are some things every college student says. Whether you’re questioning your life choices or discovering that you only have 35 cents left to your name, we’ve all “been there, done that” at some point. But that’s what makes college…well, college. Here are 25 things you’ve definitely caught yourself saying before:


1. I can totally live off of Ramen, popcorn, and Luna bars.


2. Is this real chicken?


3. Maybe I should’ve gone to that school instead.


4. This isn’t high school. Why is there drama?


5. Why didn’t I join a sorority/fraternity?


6. Oh, right. Because I only like my bed.


7. Maybe I should get more involved in school.


8. What if I played a sport?


9. I don’t think I have enough skills to include in my resume.


10. Am I majoring in the right thing?


11. How will I ever get up at 6:00 AM in the real world?


12. The only thing that can get me through this day is a 4 hour nap.


13. I look like a troll during the week so I can look good on the weekend.


14. How will I buy alcohol for tonight with only $10?


15. Four Loko it is.


16. This hangover is not real.


17. I’ll study in class before the test. I need sleep.


18. Hey, C’s get degrees!


19. I’ll sleep instead of go to my 8:30. I need to go out.



20. Why do my parents try to give me a curfew when I’m on break?


21. I need to enjoy all of this great food while I can.


22. No wonder why I’ve gained weight in college.


23. Wait, where did all of my money go?


24. I think my GPA is plummeting faster than my bank account.


25. Oh, well. College.


How many of these have you actually said?