The 9 Steps to Cooking in College, As Told By GIFs


Cooking in college is no easy feat. If you’re in a dorm you probably don’t even have access to a kitchen, or cooking utensils, or anything like that. If you’re lucky enough to live in an apartment, then you’re also lucky enough to have a stove. However, those of us stuck in the res halls are lucky if we can even access a microwave. If you’re sick of boring, gross dining hall food or the alternative, eating take-out, the idea of attempting to cook in your dorm, no matter how hard and daunting a task it may be, suddenly seems worth it. If you’ve ever attempted to cook on campus, you’ve probably experienced the following:


First you decide that you want to cook something.


But then you realize that you need like…a stove. And pots and pans. And stuff.


So you do the best you can with what you have.


Sometimes you light things on fire. But that’s an accident, so…you know.


Usually the food looks pretty good.


Although sometimes it definitely does not look good.


Either way, it’s (barely) edible.


You take mental notes about how to improve next time.


And then you wait patiently for next time to come (while you order a pizza.)


Attempting to cook in college? Good luck!