A College Student’s Ode to Naps


Naps are necessary to life.  We need them in order to function like human beings.   College students and naps go together like peanut butter and jelly. The following GIF journey is an ode to this timeless love affair.

Kids don’t yet realize how wonderful naps are, and resist with all their might.

peter pan no sleep gif

But by the time college rolls around, most people realize naps are the best ever

2 naps per day gif

emma stone sleep is great gif

Between classes, work and just existing, it becomes impossible to stay awake.  Literally impossible.

bulldog falling asleep gif

College students can fall asleep just about anywhere and at anytime.

rabbit sleeping gifmalfoy sleep gif

But your bed is the king of all napping places.  Everything is ok when you are in your bed.

cinderella sleep gif

Preferably wrapped up in a blanket.  Preferably a soft fuzzy blanket.

dog napping in crate gif

It is important to never disturb a napping college student.  There are no good reasons to end a nap.

its 2 in the afternoon sleep gif

This is a lesson that parents need some help learning.

…And those annoying people that don’t nap, and don’t think you need to either.  No.  Those people are wrong.

let me sleep for the love of god gif

If you disturb my nap, I will not be happy.

you should have let me sleep gifpuck angry gif

College students love naps.  It is the truest form of love.  Accept it for what it is.

Nap, and nap some more, and you will be happy and successful.

Monsters Inc Boo nap gif

Sweet dreams, my fellow nappers!