Finals Season as told by GIF’s


Collette Roberto is a sophomore Physics and Economics Major at Cornell University who loves to write, especially about her school! 

So, Cornell, it’s the last week of classes, and we know what that means….


It’s finals season

But don’t fret, because we still have about a week until any of the tests right?


Or…maybe it’s only a half-week?


So as soon as your last class ends you take the time to write out your study schedule for the next couple of days.


But of course, you realize it’s a Friday night and everyone is celebrating the end of classes….so…..


And then somehow, it’s Monday and you’ve slept in till 3p.m.


So you decide after going crazy over the weekend it’s time to retreat into your darkest hole of studying hermit-dom.


Now you’re in turbo-mode, probably learning many new concepts for the first time.


While avoiding any and all distractions…


Until finally, you realize it is forty minutes until the final.


And then thirty minutes before the final….


As you’re sitting in your seat waiting for the TA’s to pass the tests out…


And when they do pass the test out, you see 15-20 pages of pure, evil, examination.


So you go ahead and give that final your best shot!


Repeat the cycle for like, four more tests…


And then, my friends, you realize your finals are done.


Leaving the last testing room:


And later, after all your hard work all semester…you see your final test score and…


…….because you just got the score you needed to raise your test average in the class.


Are you ready for the countdown to finals?