Follow Friday: Jay Z’s 99 Problems, Illustrated


We like to consider ourselves Twitter (and Tumblr!) aficionados here at Surviving College (or @SurvivinCollege, rather), especially when it comes to finding hilarious parody/fictional/etc Twitter/Tumblr accounts to follow/obsess over 24/7. We decided to share our love for these fabulously funny personalities with you. Every month, our editor (@brittneyplz) will share one of her favorites with you all. This week: Jay Z’s 99 Problems

If you are not already following 99 Problems on Tumblr, you’re welcome. This is one of the greatest Tumblrs I’ve ever seen, so much so that I put my original intended share today on hold until a later date. Even if you’re not a Jay Z fan (blasphemy!) you will still appreciate this. Ali Graham is an illustrator from the UK who decided to take Jay Z’s “99 Problems” and make it literal. Each day, Ali posts a new illustration of Jay Z that depicts one of his problems. These problems can include anything from gum on your shoe to a bad experience at a restaurant (just remember, a b**** ain’t one…)

I absolutely love the concept behind these illustrations, not to mention the fact that they’re both well done and hilariously funny without being over the top. And just in case you’re wondering “what if I’m not on Tumblr and I want to follow?” Well, you can either get with the program and start tumblin’ or you can follow @99probs99 on Twitter. Ali shares his daily illustrations on there as well!

Here are 10 of his illustrations for your viewing pleasure. Some of my favorites include “Picasso Baby,” “Tricky Crossword,” “Soap in the Eye,” and “Broken Umbrella (Ella Ella).” I recommend listening to Jay Z’s new album Magna Carta … Holy Grail while you scroll through.

You can also follow Ali on Twitter and find out more about his work here.

Check out the rest at!


What do you think of these illustrations?