9 Realizations of Graduating College, as Told By Parks & Recreation GIFs


The time has finally come. After four years (maybe more, maybe less), you get to put on that cap and gown after taking your last final exam ever. But what comes next? Some new graduates already have a great job lined up, or are preparing to begin graduate school in the Fall. For many others, the future is a dark and scary place after graduation, void of plans or excitement. Whether you are graduating in the coming weeks or years from now, the date quickly creeps up, seemingly without warning. At this time, you will experience a rush of mixed emotions. With the help of Leslie Knope, Andy Dwyer, and the cast of Parks of Recreation, we present 9 realizations you may face when you finally graduate from college:


1. You realize you are actually done with school.

No more final exams! No more studying! Unless you go to grad school…


2. But then you realize that you have to enter the real world.

Nope, you should not have graduated just yet.


3. This is what it feels like when your realize you have to be a real person.

The pie is life.


4. You realize that the past four years are now mere memories.

So really, what is the point of doing anything else?


5. Job applications are a total blast.

Unfortunately, no, it is not a nightmare. This is real life.


6. Your parents will never stop telling you how important it is to find a great job.

We get it, okay? It’s really important!


7. Working full-time?

Who needs a job anyway?


8. You realize you have no concrete plans for the next month, year, your life.

Good luck sleeping after graduation.


9. Everything will work out, even if it takes time.

Real life can’t be that bad.


What have you realized after graduating college?