An Ode to Pizza Told Through GIFs


According to some very official statistics, Americans love pizza. There are 350 slices eaten per second and three billion pies sold per year in the U.S. Woah!

There is also a pizza vending machine in Italy that needs to make its way over to the states right now because that would definitely do well around here.

The glorious food was invented back in 500 B.C. and has evolved over hundreds of years into the many different types that we now know today. It’s convenient, there are over 70,000 pizzerias in the United States. There are ‘healthy’ versions. You can order in or eat it out. There are fancy kinds and cheap kinds (both equally delicious). And it has a lot of different food groups. Across the board, it has so many great qualities, you can’t go wrong in choosing pizza for a meal. It is delicious and amazing and comes in all shapes and sizes and just because of that here is an ode to the beautiful food through some great GIFs demonstrating its greatness.


Look at the cool skateboarding trick this slice can do


Sometimes it’s really all we can think about


We can’t control ourselves around its beauty


It haunts us in our day dreams


It possesses people to make weird gifs like this…


You can’t help but express your feelings to it–sometimes it needs to hear the truth


Just look at that beauty


When we don’t want to commit to other people, we know we always have it to fall back on


No, Ariel, I haven’t.


Even this little guy loves his tiny slice


Nothing is better than the sound of your doorbell after you’ve ordered in for dinner


Because then you can have it for the next four meals!


It’s just sooooo good, how can you even resist?


Do you want a slice of pizza?