The Paper Writing Process, as Told By GIFs


If you go to college, whatever your major, you and writing are going to develop some sort of relationship.  It  may be true love at first sight, maybe a love-hate, it could be complicated, or you could just hate your pal writing with every fiber of your being.  For those of you who love writing papers and anticipate the day a brand new assignment slides into your hands, then this is not for you.  The following provides insight into those complicated relationships, and is a struggle we’ve all gone through, or are still going through, possibly at this very moment.

First, the paper is assigned, and a wave of anger and despair immediately washes over you.why are you doing this to me

You read it over and think to yourself “Hey, I can actually do this!”Tyra fierce

You get home, and start typing out an outline, gathering your notes, whatever works for you.

Once you accomplish a teeny bit of work, you congratulate yourself, and shove it aside.

doing homework

A little time passes, and you still haven’t touched the paper again.  But hey, you still have plenty of time!I dont care gif

We’ve now reached Friday, and the paper is due Monday.

You think you should probably stay in and do some work, but…You know whats fun? alcohol

Saturday night- repeat Friday night.

Drinking from the bottle

Ah the dreaded Sunday.  Once you’ve shaken the hangover, it’s time to get to work.nap on keyboard

Maybe one quick break.on the floor homework

And another.  It’s coffee time.Sylvester coffee

Ok, Sunday night, pushing midnight, and the panic sets in.  So does the fatigue.  Sleep, or an all nighter?IDGAF

Monday morning, 2 hours before class. 10 pages?

No big deal, the pressure and fear is the push you need to do some quality work.

How i do homework

5 minutes before class, you “print.”

This is the moment of truth, will the printer be nice to you? Or will it decided at this very moment to finally die?

sweating it out gif


If it prints, you win, you’ve done it!

 If it doesn’t, time to BS the heck out of your professor! (Or maybe it was an electronic submission, then just ignore the printer stuff.)Dancing gif

You hand it in and a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders.celebrating gif

Never again will you leave something to the last minute!

….Just kidding, you’re in college, of course you will.ashton kutcher laughing

How do you handle paper writing?