Player Profile: Doug McDermott – Creighton University


For the past four seasons Creighton’s senior forward Doug McDermott has provided us all with what seems to be an endless highlight reel.  If you’re a big fan of shooters, than McDermott is your guy.  And while he has definitely delivered when it comes to stats and individual accolades, what makes him special has got to be his ability to elevate the play of his entire team.

Doug McDermott Creighton University


Ever since his freshman season back in 2010, McDermott has led the Blue Jays to at least 23 victories each season and back-to-back Missouri Valley Conference Championships in 2011 and 2012.  With 19 victories already under their belt, it looks as though Creighton will once again reach 20-win mark this season barring a disastrous fallout in the waning weeks of the season.

The thing that I find so impressive about Doug McDermott is his shooting ability.  Throughout his career, McDermott has perfected his shooting on his way to becoming one of the top scorers in the entire country.  The Iowa native has averaged slightly over 21 points per game for his career with a shooting percentage of just over 54% and a three-point shooting percentage of 45%.  McDermott has been named to the All-MVC first team each of his first three years at Creighton and was rewarded as a first-team All-American the last two years.

Doug McDermott Creighton University


There’s no denying McDermott has had an absolutely fantastic career at Creighton, but his best year thus far is arguably his sophomore season.  That year McDermott averaged just under 23 points per game, 8.2 rebounds per game and shot over 60% from the field.  He also averaged just over one assist per game and shot 48% from beyond the arc.  Needless to say, he set his career high in both field goal percentage and rebounds.

Even though McDermott did manage to put up career numbers in 2011 his success is in no way an anomaly.  He’s put up outstanding numbers throughout his entire career.  As a freshman in 2010 he averaged nearly 15 points per game while shooting 52% from the field and 40% from the three-point line.  Pretty good numbers for a frosh if you ask me.  And from that point he only got better–scary thought I know.  Once the 2012 season rolled around, expectations for McDermott and the Blue Jays were as high as ever.  As a junior, he delivered yet again with exceptional numbers.  Although he experienced a slight drop off in field goal percentage from 2011 (how can you blame him though, he shot 60% that year), he saw a slight uptick in his scoring and three-point percentage as he was named to his second All-American team.

Doug McDermott Creighton University


Believe it or not, he has consistently gotten better with each passing year.  What I find really impressive about his game is that McDermott always seems to improve upon one facet of his game each year.  Even this season he has improved upon both his scoring average as well as he free-throw percentage.  He clearly has experienced a down turn in his shooting percentage–both from the field and from beyond the arc–but it’s important to remember that he’s shooting the ball more often than he has in years past.

Unfortunately, with this being McDermott’s senior year, there’s only so much time left that we can watch him in a Creighton uniform.  While is almost certain to be selected in this spring’s NBA Draft, as we all know, there is no guarantee that he will be successful at the next level.  I can’t help be think of all the college players we’ve seen through the years who are phenomenal scorers in college but can’t seem to make that transition to the NBA.  I’ve got a good feeling about McDermott though.  He’s demonstrated his ability to grow as a player and work on specific aspects of his game.  I can only hope he can put it all together and finish out his spectacular college career.

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