The 14 Pros & Cons of Going to a College Far Away, in GIFs


One of the most important factors when choosing a college is location. Of course, there are many positives and negatives to going to school close to home or far away. Often times, going far away seems like a great idea, especially at the time in your life of accelerated teen angst, but just because you leave the nest, doesn’t mean everything’s going to be suddenly wonderful. These are the thoughts that might go through your head when considering whether or not you should go to college far away from home or stay close by.


Pro: I can redefine myself.


Con: Not really; all my embarrassing pictures from high school are on Facebook.


Pro: The weather is so much better here than at home.


Con: No, it was just out of the ordinarily nice during new student orientation.


Pro: I get to travel by plane all the time now!


Con: Air travel is really expensive and I can’t go home for Thanksgiving.


Pro: I can finally get away from my family.


Con: I really miss my mom and her cooking.


Pro: I can make brand new friends!


Con: My new friends are great, but I still miss my crew from high school.


Pro: The time difference will allow for greater independence.


Con: Why isn’t anyone I want to talk to from home awake right now?


Pro: I don’t have to come home for unimportant events like my aunt’s birthday.


Con: I can’t go home for unimportant events like my aunt’s birthday.


What are other pros and cons of going to school far from home?