Tech Tuesday: StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes App Review


We all know that flashcards are a pretty effective way to study. It’s especially effective when trying to memorize information, the only problem is that making them is super time-consuming and overall just really annoying. But there is a solution to all of your flashcard problems: introducing StudyBlue, an app that lets you use text, pictures and audio to create the perfect stack of digital flashcards, and have the ability to search a massive database to borrow someone else’s. It’s magnificent.

Here are the different components to the app as told on their website:

1. Find

StudyBlue allows you to search their library content, and the app can recommend relevant content based on the subjects you’re interested in or searching for. They totally personalize it just for you.

2. Make

studyblue make

Of course they give you the option of creating your own flashcards as well. You can use text, images and audio. Which is super unique and different. Imagine have flashcards that talk to you. (Epic!)

3. Study

The application offers different study modes as well! You can turn the information into an outline or review sheet, or turn them into flashcards. You can learn the information in the best way that works for you. And it’s all on your phone so you can study on the go, whenever you have time to sit down and click through the app.

4. Score

studyblue score

The app also offers automatic self assessment scores so you can track your progress and see how well you’re actually retaining the information.

5. Store

You can store and organize the notes, your syllabus, practice tests, and flashcards in your “digital backpack.” S0, when you begin studying for the final, you have all of your information and flashcards all organized and in one spot. You don’t have to tear apart your room to find the chapter 5 notes.

6. Collaborate

StudyBlue allows you to collaborate with your classmates and easily message study partners. Studying in groups is also a really beneficial way to learn information, so this app gives you the chance to interact with other students as well.

StudyBlue Screenshots


– All of this information is super easy to access, right on your phone
– You can use visuals as well, which is a great way to retain information
– You can keep tabs on your progress to make sure you’re fully ready for the exam


– You don’t physically write down the information, writing it down may help you
– Some users find it complicated to move the information in and out of different folders
– It’s a relatively new app, so it does crash, and your information you were inputting may be gone with it

Try the app out! It got incredible reviews, and it looks very effective. Let us know what you think! You can download it for iPhone in the iTunes store or for Android in the Google Play store.

Will you be trying StudyBlue?