Taking a Summer Class: As Told by GIFs


“You’ll just have to take this class over the summer.”

Cool. I can do that. I made it five years, ten semesters, and four majors without having to take a summer class. It will be kind of cool, I thought. Easier because it is only a few weeks long, I thought. Well, I started my first summer class this Monday, and I am here to report back to you what I have learned about summer classes.

At first you are PUMPED that you managed to secure a slot on the roster for this summer class.

It’s the pre-requisite for the pre-requisite for the pre-requisite for your capstone. Now you might actually graduate on time!

Jennifer Lawrence Excited GIF

Plus you still get a summer vacation.

Three weeks off from school is practically a lifetime.

Frozen Tanning Scene Olaf

Wait, what do you MEAN I start class tomorrow?

Kristen Wig No Way Disbelief GIF

You don’t even have a notebook or a pen

But you set off to your first day off class with high hopes that you will just go over the syllabus anyway.

Parent Trap Fingers Crossed Scene Gif

As you walk to your class you are LOVING the weather

Walking to class in the freezing cold during the winter is torture, but this…this is nice.

Good Weather GIF

Three minutes into your walk, the heat sets in

And you begin to wonder when your campus was transferred to the Sahara desert.

Honey Boo Boo Sweating GIF

But soon as you walk into your building you are greeted with a cool breeze of central air and all is well

Jori Happy Hands Raised GIF

You walk into class and notice that there are a lot of people from your major that you have already had class with

Could be good, could be bad. You quickly scan the crowd and PRAY the weird girl from Editorial News Writing isn’t in this class too.

Harry and Liam Looking on Stage

Aaaaand there she is.

Shes the Man Unis Weird


Harry Styles Best Song Ever Video Weirded Out And Confused Face

Class begins and you think “Hey! This isn’t too bad!”

It is a small class, the professor seems relaxed, and you’ve scored a hot lab partner to boot.

Twilight Lab Partners GIF

Three hours into class, your brain is fried

The professor explains that every class you will be moving quickly enough to fit two classes worth of material in one. The tears begin to form. You reach for a paper bag and begin hyperventilating.

Kristen Stewart Panic Adventureland GIF

You’re also freezing.

WHY is the central air turned down so low? You didn’t sign up to go to school in Antarctica.

Dumb and Dumber Cold GIF

Class runs 5 minutes over

And when the Professor says “That is it for tonight. Does anyone have any questions?” you breathe a sigh of relief and gather your belongings.

Sigh of Relief

You’re about to escape when someone commits the ultimate crime:

They actually ask a question.

Hand Raise GIF

You actually may kill them.

Panic and Annoyed GIF

10 minutes later question time is over

And you can finally head home to eat (because no one is ever hungry before class).

Hungry Gif

And as you stuff your face…

Kate Hudson Eating GIF

You swear you will never take another summer class.

Billy Madison Not Going Back To School GIF