Not Impressed with Something on the Interwebs? Malarkify It!


Usually, Surviving College starts the day with a little video to inform or entertain our readers. But today, we found a little meme on the interwebs that trumps any current trending or viral video. Upworthy has created a little internet game that could amuse you for hours. If you are having a “McKayla is Not Impressed” moment while stumbling upon a page, you don’t have to hold it in any longer. Instead, Malarkify the internet! Disappointed that Tumblr or Pinterest is down, yet again? See someone spouting grade-A Malarkey? Don’t hold it in! Instead, use the Upworthy Malarkifier!

It will give you snapshots like these:

You can see some other examples here.


Just so we’re clear

If you’re ever feeling a little like this when reading something online…

Feel free to abuse this Joe Biden meme to call out on grade-A Malarkey!