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Need a good survival tip? We suggest checking out the SurvivingCollege Video of the Day! There’s plenty of adult education to be found on topics ranging from careers to technology to breaking news on college campuses—plus the occasional unexpected clip of something that’s simply fun! Keep stopping by to check out the latest developments in social media, college life, and the whole wide world! You might also want to try out more vital videos right here….


The SC College News Channel

From serious breaking news to insightful looks at the changing college scene, our video coverage wraps up all the latest events happening on campuses big and small!


Careers and Job Market News

It’s a big and changing world out there, and these video reports offer everything you need to know about your future–and how to make sure you have one after graduation!


The SC Technology Channel

You can’t catch up with the world if you’re not caught up on your tech–whether it’s for studying, planning your life, downloading your fun, or just getting learning all the latest developments!


Daily Sports Video

Get all the breaking news about all your favorite college teams and all your favorite college sports–along with lots of analysis and insider information!


The Social Life Channel

Go to the video and catch up on everything that people are talking about–from fun celebrity gossip to the latest news about college living!