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The NCAA Tournament is widely regarded as the best three weeks in all of sports.  As history has proven, the best team in the country doesn’t always win the national championship.  While that may ruin most of our brackets each and every year, it’s by far one of the biggest reasons why March Madness is so exciting and unpredictable.  But in order to consider yourself one of the greatest of all-time a championship is most definitely a prerequisite.  In honor of the greatest to play college basketball, here is our roundup of the greatest college basketball teams of all-time.

10. 1983-1984 Georgetown Hoyas

1983-1984 Georgetown Hoyas Patrick Ewing

While the Georgetown Hoyas reached the title game three times within four years from 1982 to 1985, the ’83 squad was the best one.  With the help of their All-American center Patrick Ewing, the Hoyas went 34-3 in 1983 including 84-75 win over Houston to claim their only national title in program history.  Considering the fact that Georgetown was the best team the Big East produced during an era that was dominated by the Big East there’s no way you can honestly leave them off the list.

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