College graduation presents can always be tricky. Not sure of what exactly they’re into? Or maybe they’re distant relatives and you haven’t seen them in a few years. Well, have no fear, these are college graduation gifts that will please just about any graduate, regardless of gender, age, major, or job. This should solve just about any stress you’re feeling towards getting the perfect gift. Check it out!

 1. An Amtrak Gift Card

Now that college is over, friends will be scattered all over the country. Giving your grad an Amtrak Gift Card reminds them that no matter how far they may be from their BFF’s, distance is no match for friendship. You can get one for as little as $25 or as much as $1,000 on the Amtrak website.

2. A Slow Cooker

hamilton beach slow cooker

Though they may WTF at first, this will probably be the greatest gift they’ll receive. Especially for those who have no idea how to cook. All you do is place the raw food in the pot, along with anything else you want to cook the food with (veggies, broth, etc) and boom! It’s done. You didn’t have to manually cook anything. Pretty amazing, and pretty perfect for a college grad. Try this one from Hamilton Beach, on Amazon for only $39.98:

3. A DIY Money Lei

Money Lei DIY Graduation Gift

A little gaudy for sure, but a college grad doesn’t care how gaudy it is, money is money, and money is GOLD. Certainly cute for your grad to wear after the ceremony, this money lei is creative and the moment your grad spots this, their face will light up and you’ll be the best family member/friend that ever lived. Find out how to make one over at Your Home Based Mom.

4. This Shirt to Keep Your Grad Honest

Thank You Wikipedia Shirt

Only $9.99 at Better Than Pants — the cheapest and funniest gift ever. We all know it’s true.

5. A Fancy Corkscrew/Bottle Opener

corkscrew/bottle opener

Something that your grad will probably keep forever, as this is the most necessary item they’ll own in their new home. Without a doubt. We like this one from Etsy seller JustOffNormal.

6. A Fun Set of Coasters


Am I total nerd if I think these toast coasters are the coolest things ever? Giving your grad a fun set of coasters for their new home is a great gift! Another gift they’ll probably carry with them for decades to come,  especially if they’re fun and quirky like these toast shaped coasters. You can buy them at Amazon for $13.52

7. Actual Photos

Photos and Journal

Every image taken these days is stored somewhere in a phone or computer. We don’t have enough physical photos to hang up anymore. Giving your grad photos that they can hang up will be so incredibly meaningful.

8. Rick Steve’s Travel Books

travel guide

If they didn’t get a chance to study abroad in college, now is the time to travel if it’s still an aspiration. As a graduation gift, giving them these truly fascinating travel guides will surely be an inspiration for them to get movin! More info on them here.

 9. A Planner

Having a fancy and nice planner to keep your grad organized will be hugely important in their life, whether or not they can appreciate it yet. Poketo is known for their gorgeous planners and stationary — we like this one for $32.

tomorrow planner

10. Custom Business Cards

Custom Business Cards

Even if they don’t have a job yet, it’s great to give out during interviews or to anyone they may meet. The more professional the better! This will be sure to impress potential employers. These ones from Etsy seller ZestAndLime are great.

What’s the best graduation gift you’ve ever seen?

Featured photo via Thinkstock