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10 Amazingly Creative Decorated Graduation Caps

Every year, when spring time rolls around, high school and college seniors across the country get ready for graduation. And every year, many students attempt to pull off one thing: the perfectly decorated graduation cap. (Even if that means getting in trouble, because it’s usually against their school’s policy.) For some, it’s a chance to express their artistic prowess or bond with their friends over some DIY, and for others, it’s just their opportunity to make a bold statement, good or bad. We’re all for it…so long as your school doesn’t have a strict no-decorating rule that could keep you from getting your diploma.

From the straight-up wacky to the amazingly artistic, there are so many crazy, awesome decorated graduation caps floating around the internet, so we decided to compile some of our favorites. Whether you like Star Wars, inspirational quotes, beer pong, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, there’s a graduation cap for you.

And of course, there’s a Game of Thrones inspired graduation cap, because no list is complete without a little GoT.

Uhm, what? (via)

Yes. Yes it is. (via)

We applaud his honesty… (via)

Turning college party themes into graduation caps… (via)

This is PERFECT. (via)

Luke, you are a graduate. (via)

Let me guess – you were an art major? (via)

You’ve got mad skillz. (via)

A little inspiration for the future. (via)

Your inevitable future, based on your favorite TV show. (via)

Did you decorate your graduation cap? 

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