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10 Funny Finals Memes to Help You Procrastinate

funny finals memes

We know you’re probably sick of finals-related posts (after all, you’re living in finals week, you don’t need constant reminders!) At the same time, we know you’re also probably procrastinating a little, and who better to give you tools with which to continue doing just that? If you decided to buy college papers this time, you’re probably not too busy right now.

Whether you just survived exams week or you’re currently tearing your hair out trying to study, you can still appreciate these funny finals memes. Some of them perfectly explain your sentiments towards your obviously maniacal college professors for making exams and papers as difficult and time-consuming as possible; some of them express your frustration with yourself, and some just reinforce those feelings of “I just don’t care anymore.” In any case, exams week is here, and so are the funny college finals memes!

Check out some of our favorites below.

Our 10 picks of funny finals memes

#1. You know how some professors seem to be rushing up to finish the course materials, so they teach 99% of it in just a few weeks?

funny finals memes professor

We do not understand why. Maybe they think we can all get a full grasp of it in just a snap of fingers?

#2. Taking all exams in just one week: UNFAIR.

While in college, studying for just one subject is stressful enough. But here they are, scheduling them all in a week. Why? Goodbye, social life!

#3. When you think you have studied enough, but the final exams proved you wrong.

What’s worse is you had not reviewed for that tiny part on the course that was included in the exams! College, surely, is a test of patience.

#4. You betray us, our beloved brains.

Every night before going to sleep, our brains tend to be more active. Random thoughts even from seven years ago would come crawling back. But sometimes, during those times that matter most – e.g. our final exams – it is MIA.

#5. Procrastination at its finest.

Don’t judge us college students! We cannot juggle all the studying and socializing and eating in an hour!

#6. May the curve be ever in our favor, always.

Just a reminder, everyone: We are all focused in studying, but it’s important to take a breather once in a while!

#7. In caffeine and Wikipedia, we trust.

Of all the funny finals memes, this one hit me most. We need coffee in an IV, to get through the essays! And of course, we cannot thank Wikipedia enough. Amen.

#8. Live look at our professors during finals exams week:

Laugh all you want, our loving professors. We would all get through this!

#10. Us cringing inside during finals week:

Well at least, we would feel accomplished, in case the world really ends a week later.

Know any other funny finals memes that would make great additions to our list? Let us know!

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