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Well people, it’s officially October. Leaves that were once green are now changing to beautiful shades of red and orange, yoga pants and scarves are making a resurgence on female bodies across the country, and, of course, pumpkin spice lattes are being consumed at alarming rates. As fun and exciting as all of these stereo-typically fall phenomenons are, let’s talk about what we literally wait all of October for: Halloween.

More specifically, Halloween costumes. There is no Halloween without dressing up as someone/thing you’re not. It is an exciting and a perfect excuse to wear whatever it is that  you’ve always wanted to party in for the world to see with little to no judgment. If you don’t have a Halloween costume idea yet, that’s perfectly okay. Stay calm, there’s a few weeks left until the big day. You’ll figure something out. To help, we can tell you what NOT to wear.There’s some overdone costumes that people fall victim to year after year. This needs to come to a stop. These 10 costumes are ones that have been seen far too often on many, many, MANY past Halloweens.

1. The Bunny


(gif via tumblr)

Elle, we love ya, but that cotton tail of yours will never be good enough for us. Not only could you do a lot better than Warner, but you could also do a lot better than that fuzzy-eared costume.

2. The School Girl


(gif via giphy)

Hit me baby one more time…if anyone ever wears this costume to a party again.

3. Anything with wings


(gif via giphy)

Angel, devil, fairy, bumblebee…you get the point. Are those even comfortable to wear? Regardless, your wings will probably get bent from the constant bumping into people anyway.

4. Princess Anna or Elsa



(images via Tumblr)

Frozen hasn’t even been out for a full year yet and we’ve already seen one too many Anna/Elsa clones for our liking. These costumes have been overdone before their Halloween debut ever had a chance.

5. The Sailor


(image via Tumblr)

Kanye’s the type of person who would wear a sailor costume. Hopefully that’s enough said. Kim, we have nothing to say to you because that fin probably cost $10k.

6. Mario & Luigi


(gif via giphy)

Ladies and gents alike, please pick a ying and yang pairing other than these go-to guys to show off your best friend-ness.

7. The Nurse


(gif via giphy)

The only person to really pull off a nurse costume (in a strange, dark manner) was The Joker/Heath Ledger. Don’t even try to compete with that.

8. Bottles: beer, ketchup, mustard, etc.


(gif via giphy)

There’s something a little off about a person who voluntarily decides to put a replica of a giant bottle-of-something on their body that will GUARANTEE a sweatier than intended night.

9. Miley Cyrus


(image via Tumblr)

Miley Cyrus is the new overdone Lady Gaga costume. This picture of Hugh Hefner (…Robin Thicke) and his wife should be reason alone to refrain from being another Cyrus impersonator.

10. The Black Cat


(image via Tumblr)

Simply because you WON’T be the only one.

Which costume are you tired of seeing?

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