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So I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge Tumblr addict. I love having my own blog and being able to reblog pictures and quotes that inspire me or fit the mood that I’m currently feeling. It’s a great outlet for those of us that are too lazy to write our feelings out in a journal or diary. We can still convey our feelings and thoughts through the images or quotes we reblog. Alongside using Tumblr as a quasi-journal, I love finding inspirational blogs with great motivational pictures and quotes that push me to get through the day or to finish that workout when I’m feeling like I’ve got nothing left in me. Tumblr is home to some of the greatest “fitspirational” blogs that can totally motivate you to get off the couch and lose 20 pounds after two minutes of scrolling through a blog’s pictures. Yes, Tumblr is that powerful.

And in today’s world, we college students are beat to a pulp every single day with stress. We have worries over internships, student loans, graduating with job lined up, making our parents proud, staying fit, being a part of clubs to boost our resume. It’s a tough world out there and sometimes we feel isolated and alone, like our lives are a constant juggling act. Tumblr is an escape where you have access to blogs that are guaranteed to make you feel better about having stresses and how perfectly normal it is to feel the way you’re feeling.

While there are thousands of awesome Tumblrs out there, I’ve narrowed this list down to my 10 favorite blogs that will hopefully put you at ease and distract you from the worries that have been on your mind all day. They’re a combination of “fitspo” for those of you need that extra kick in the butt to go to the gym, and standard Tumblrs that have great quotes and photos. Enjoy!

1. The Good Vibe 


Bookmarked on my computer for years now, this blog (that has now become a public website) has some of the greatest quotes and inspirational sayings that are the most reblogged posts of all time on Tumblr.

2. The Compassion Project

the compassion project

The Compassion Project is an organization created by high school students to promote kindness and tolerance and is spreading the love with Tumblr posts!

3. Go Fitspo


An awesome fitspirational blog that has great exercise and food tips!

4. Diet Horoscopes

diet horosopes

Another great Fitspiration blog that gives you your workout horoscope, and includes some super motivating pictures and tips for whatever exercise you may do.

5. -Foodporn

food porn

This one is for when those fitspo blogs piss you off and all you want is brownie sundae.

6. HeartDisney

disney blog
Because who doesn’t love a perfect Disney blog?

7. The Worst Room

the worst room blog

So you feel terrible about paying $2,000 a month on a bedroom the size of a closet in NYC or LA? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one.

8. Radventurers


A young photographer documents all of the places he’s traveled with his friends, and it’s a stunning blog. Study abroad inspiration much?


travel this world blog

Can’t decide where to travel next? Or you just can’t wait to escape the country? This Tumblr is home to beautiful and famous landmarks around the world. If this doesn’t inspire you to travel the world, you may need to rub your eyes for a minute or two and get your head out of your textbook!

10 Being Glamorous Always


This one is actually my blog, and it’s filled with a little bit of everything!

What’s your favorite blog on Tumblr?