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Gabriella Marasco is an SC Campus Representative for Butler University. She loves to watch Gossip Girl and spend countless hours on Pinterest. Read more posts by her here!

Butler University’s beloved current mascot, Blue III or “Trip,” and the late Blue II, have both been the face of Butler sports and the University as a whole for years. Read on to see the “10 Reasons Why Butler University Has the Best Mascot!”

1. He has his own Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and blog!

Everyone on campus can stay updated on Trip’s whereabouts since he’s always updating us via social media!
He also has over 10,000 followers on Twitter, can you say celebrity?!

Facebook : Twitter : Instagram (Blue II) : Blog

Trip's Twitter


2. He’s around and visible on campus

With Blue II, and now Trip (Blue III), we have had this awesome opportunity to interact with our mascot, daily.
Trip is always taking walks, hanging out in the bookstore, or napping in the basement of Jordan.
Students, faculty/staff, and visitors have the opportunity to see him, meet him, and usually snag a pic with him.
You’ll usually find him with his trusty sidekick Jim Santos (guy on the right) too!

Jim and Blue


3. He has the cutest master ever, Master Everett of course!

We absolutely LOVE Trip’s brother “Master Everett” (son of Trip’s owner/father Mark Kaltenmark)
Not only is he the cutest thing ever, but he’s so smart too! Shout it with him “B-U-TLE R U A BULLDOG? AW YEAH!”

4. He is on everything from coffee mugs to t-shirts, and we LOVE it

Check out this awesome Tervis with Blue II’s beautiful face on it! Get one here or at the bookstore!

Blue II on a Tervis

5. Three words, Butler Bed Buddy

Only the cutest, softest, plushest pillow/stuffed animal you will ever see! Did we mention it was created by Butler students?! Want one? Check out their website and get your own Butler Bed Buddy!

Butler Bed Buddy

6. He has no mercy, and knows his enemies well

Not even the infamous Michigan State Spartans intimidate this mascot. Spartans, Hoosiers, Zags, beware. This is our house.


7. He has his own vehicle!

Not just a dog, America’s Dog, gets transported in his own specialized vehicle! Keep a look-out for the Blue Mobile around campus or see it parked outside of Jordan! The Blue Mobile is brought to us by the wonderful people of Don Hinds Ford

Blue Mobile


8. He can play sports!

Not only just basketball, but baseball, tennis, and even swimming! Blue does it all. Watch him train for the Big East Conference!

9. He’s so darn caaaaayute!

Like seriously though, look at that face! He’s just like “Hi, #GoDawgs”

"Ready for my close-up"(via)

He’s available for appearances!

No really, book Trip at your next campus event. We also love that he’s willing to support our campus greek houses in their philanthropic missions!

Trip at Watermelon Bust 2013


Check out some more adorable pictures of our favorite mascot below!

Blue II and Blue III

“The ladies love me”- Trip

Trip at Hinkle

Just hanging out at Hinkle!

Blue II and his beloved bone

“Mmmm, this bone is good!”


Trip and his two besties, Jim and Hink!

Blue III ready to party!

“A little party never killed nobody!”

Why do you think Trip is the best mascot?

Tell us below!


*A huge thank you to Mr. Jim Santos for so many of the pictures you see above!*