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Korena Fenton is SC’s Syracuse University Campus Representative. She is a senior at SU’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, majoring in public relations with a concentration in english and textual studies. Read more posts by her here!

If you’re thinking about attending Syracuse, there are some things you need to know. Here’s your ultimate school survival guide:

#10: Learn to love coffee.

Syracuse students never get to sleep; it’s just a fact of life. There isn’t time between juggling social events and studying for those big exams. The solution? Coffee. I don’t care if you came to school with a despise for the taste… I guarantee that by your senior year, you’ll be drinking it black.

#9: Memorize Insomnia Cookie’s number by heart.

Missing mom… or just her baking? The dining hall’s cold cookies don’t always cut it. Lucky for you, Insomnia Cookies exists. Insomnia’s warm and delicious cookies are the perfect remedy for home sickness and stress. The best part about it? They deliver.

#8: Be patient when it comes to buses. 

Yes, the buses are supposed to be on a 7-minute schedule but sometimes they’re M.I.A. This results in a long line at the bus stop. Sooner or later, a bus will come, and everyone and their brother will pile onto it. Don’t be tempted to force yourself into the can of sardines. Wait the 30 seconds for the next bus to come and enjoy space to breathe.

#7: When it’s dark, don’t go to or through Thornden Park.

Thornden Park’s beautiful landscape and serene setting may seem harmless during the day. Don’t let it’s sunny facade fool you. At night, Thornden Park is known to be dangerous by SU students. So, if you’re walking home or looking for a place to picnic past 10p.m., avoid Thornden Park.

#6: Don’t creep outside of Frat houses on Friday nights.

I get it, you’re looking for a place to party. Standing outside of a Frat house, awkwardly hoping someone will give you the invite, is not the answer. More likely than not, people will yell, “FRESHMAN,” and laugh hysterically (even if you’re not a freshman). Do yourself a favor, and plan your weekend ahead of time.

#5: Buy your books from anywhere but the bookstore.

The bookstore might not be out to get you, but it’s out to get your money. Books that cost $5,000 at the book store, cost $0.05 on Amazon. The moral of the story? Don’t let the convenience of the bookstore steal your money and find another place to shop.

#4: Bring a pair of heavy-duty winter boots.

You’re going to get sick of people telling you about how much snow Syracuse gets in the winter. They aren’t lying though. It will snow and in case you didn’t know, snow is wet. Sneakers and UGGs aren’t the best form of footwear when you’re trudging through Upstate NY during the winter. It’s time to invest in some real winter boots.

#3: Avoid the library during final’s week.

If you want to study during final’s week, don’t go to the library. I know that’s what tradition tells you to do (the library is filled with books, it is the home of scholars). During final’s week, you won’t even see the books amongst the savage animals that are popularly known as stressed-out-college-students. So, stay at home.

#2: Leave your Georgetown shirt at home.

There’s no denying that Syracuse students are passionate about sports. We love basketball, we bleed Orange and we hate Georgetown. Georgetown has been our rivals ever since the dawn of time and we’re not ever going to forget it. So, if you want to have friends, leave that Georgetown tee at home. Oh and by the way, “Georgetown still sucks.”

#1: Don’t be “that guy” and by “that guy,” I mean a biker.

Even though Syracuse has a large student body, it doesn’t have a very large campus. Your walk from one class to the next won’t take any longer than 10 minutes. I don’t care if you have class at Marshall Square Mall, don’t get a bike. People will judge you and it’s not worth running over other students who are innocently walking to class.

What else do people need to know to survive SU?

Featured photo credit: Briles Takes Pictures… via photopin cc