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Here are some tips to survive at the University of Wisconsin-Madison!

1. Get a real winter coat

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Wisconsin can be extremely cold. Having a proper winter coat is one of the ‘Must-have’ items to survive Wisconsin weather. Some winter jackets out there are made for cold Wisconsin winters. Also, make sure to layer. T-shirts, leggings, jeans, stockings, beanie, gloves, boots, light socks etc. You want to stay warm.

2. Get ready to walk up the hill

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Bascom Hill is the most iconic location of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Many students have to climb Bascom Hill at least once a day, four to five times a week. Once the weather gets warm, you might actually enjoy walking but it does seem like climbing Mount Everest when it’s cold out.

3. Remember the route 80

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Madison Metro Bus Service is always free to all students, staff and visitors. Campus Bus Route 80 goes to pretty much every main location on campus so you just have to know where to get on and off the bus. From the Engineering building to the main library, getting on the bus can be a wise decision especially during the winter.

4. Try Babcock Ice Cream

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Wisconsin has perfect dairy products. Eating ice cream made by Babcock Hall at University of Wisconsin-Madison’s campus is worth spending a little money on and waiting a line for. If the weather is nice, you’ll spot tons of people enjoying Babcock ice cream on the Terrace by the Memorial Union with a view of Lake Mendota.

5. Eat tasty cheese curds


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Wisconsin is the home for amazing fried cheese curds. It is often times called “cheese curd paradise”. UW-Madison school cafeterias serve these cheese curds from time to time. Besides cheese curds, there are so many types of cheese that you can choose from and taste. Try fried cheese, string cheese and many others!

6. Go to the Farmer’s Market on the Capitol Square

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Farmer’s Market in Madison opens every Saturday on the Capitol Square and it can make your college life healthier and happier. Fresh cheese bread from Stella’s Bakery and fruits that you see at the Farmer’s Market are amazing. You get the wide selection, fresh food and reasonable price.

7. Enjoy hot drinks to warm your spirit

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UW-Madison students often feel that winter is too long and spring is never coming. One of the best ways to enjoy this severe winter is to enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee. There are a great number of local coffee shops and tea shops around campus. Take a moment to treat yourself with a hot drink.

8. Pull an All Nighter at the College Library

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Pulling an all-nighter is never good, but everyone ends up doing it at some point. College Library at UW-Madison is open 24/7 and is the perfect place to stay up all night and study. If you sit by the window, you can even watch the most beautiful sunset on Lake Mendota. Totally worth it!

9. Enjoy the beautiful campus

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Venture out and enjoy the beautiful UW-Madison campus as much as you can. Take a walk across the lakeshore path and to the picnic point to spend some romantic time. Also, make sure to visit UW-Madison Arboretum for beautiful gardens, natural views and many other things.

10. Get involved

Getting involved in different student organizations and events on campus will change your life at UW-Madison. As one of the biggest public universities in the States, there are so many different things that UW-Madison can offer. You just have to reach out to them. UW-Madison also has well-established studying abroad program. Don’t let the cold weather slow you down and stuck at home.

Do you think you can survive UW-Madison?