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Deanna Clark is SC’s Marist College Representative. She is a junior studying Public Relations and Advertising. She is currently the Vice President of the Marist College Dance Ensemble and part of the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Everyone seems to be a little happier during the spring time. No snow on the ground, warm weather, and no more winter jackets just puts everyone in a better room. The Hudson Valley has a ton of different activities to offer during the beautiful weather.

1. Walkway Over the Hudson

This famous walking bridge connects Poughkeepsie to Highland over the Hudson River. You can either take a run instead of going to the gym or just go for a walk. Besides getting the pretty view, it is a really cool historical site.

Walkway over the Hudson

2. Vanderbilt Mansion

This old mansion and property is located in Hyde Park. You could either sign up for a professional tour or just walk around. Even though you can’t actually go in the mansion, it’s fun to explore all the land there.

3. Hiking

There are a TON of places to go hiking in the Hudson Valley. If you’re like me (unathletic and weak) you’re probably thinking that there is no way you’re going hiking. There are some courses that are hard and then some that are more like nature walks. But either way, you get an amazing view of the Hudson River.

4. Rossi’s Picnic

Rossi’s is an amazing Italian deli in Poughkeepsie. Grab a sandwich to go and have a picnic with your friends in your favorite Hudson Valley spot. It’s a great break from school work and it’s delicious.


5. Marist Beach

Yes, Marist Beach makes the Bucket List. Hanging outside with your friends makes it seem like you’re not even at school, you’re on a vacation. Whether you sit outside to do homework or play man-jam make sure you take advantage of this fake beach.

6. Day Drink

This time of year is probably one of the busiest for college students with projects, papers and tests. But warm weather calls for day drinking. And it’s also the most tempting time to skip classes, so just be responsible with it. Whether it’s the Catalina Wine Mixer or just sitting outside with your friends…do it.

7. Sit behind the Hancock Building

This used to be my secret spot, until everyone found out about. Do homework at the tables or bring a towel and layout on the grass over looking the Campus Townhouses and river.


8. Sit in the chairs in front of the Library

Once the snow is gone, the chairs come out. These chairs have the perfect view of the Marist Campus Green and the river. Probably the most common Instagram spot on campus. Make sure you put your feet on the ledge and take a picture with the Marist Rotunda in the background. Guarantee it’ll be one of your most liked Instagram photos.

Marist Rotunda

9. Walk down to the Hudson River

More specifically called Longview Park, it is up there on most famous spots of Marist College. It is rare to walk down and not see anyone sitting on the dock. There is a walkway with docks and boathouses right on the Hudson River. It’s a great relaxing spot to take a run, do homework or just watch the sunset.


10. Jump in the Hudson River

And while you’re down by the Hudson River, you might as well jump in it. Just don’t think about how gross the river may be. It’s one of those Bucket List things that you’re just going to regret if you don’t do. Just wear clothes or a bathing suit you’re not too fond of.

What is on your Marist bucket list?

 photos via Deanna Clark