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It begins. The back-to-school shopping madness begins. I hope it’s begun for you too. The summer really went by fast, didn’t it? Now I’m a big fan of the general packing-for-college rule, which is to pack everything you think you need, then only take half. Unfortunately, you often leave behind things that you actually need (or you forget about them all together). So here are 10 things that you probably forgot to bring with you to college. Because your room is always messy and full, but you still don’t have everything you need.

1. Dish Soap

Dishes Meme College Students Demotivational Poster(via)

…because you’ll need to do your dishes eventually

2. Air Freshener

Bachelorette Frog Perfume Air Freshener Memes College(via)

…because sometimes we’re gross and we need a quick fix.

3. Can Opener

College Freshman Meme Cooking Boil Water(via)

…because you won’t cook fresh after Week 1.

4. Oven Mitts

Scumbag Microwave Meme(via)

…because the microwave gets really hot and it hurts to burn your hands.

5. Winter Jacket

College Snow Day South Park Ski Instructor Meme(via)

…because November really sneaks up on you, and because Canada.

6. Iron / Clothing Steamer

Aint Nobody Got Time For That Meme Laundry(via)

…because you will have to look professional at some point.

7. Phone Charger

Car Charger Xzibit Meme Yo Dawg Phone Charger(via)

…because a phone is useless without a charged battery.

8. Umbrella

its gon rain meme(via)

…because getting your laptop wet would really, really suck.

9. Garbage Bags

Aliens Who Took The trash Out(via)

…because the floor is not a suitable place to store garbage.

10. Your keys

overly attached girlfriend meme house keys(via)


What have you forgotten to bring?


Featured image courtesy of Karmalize via Flickr (CC-BY-2.0).