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Forget Black Friday and Thanksgiving. Black Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving, is what college kids really look forward to when they head home for Thanksgiving Break. Black Wednesday is the official name for the night when college students come back and assemble in their hometowns to go out together to their favorite hometown bars. It is said to be “the biggest party night of the year.” No surprise there. You’re surrounded by your friends from home and it’s the holiday season. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

We all can’t wait to see our best friends from home to catch up, to laugh, and of to course, drink together. Here are some of the thoughts going through our heads as we anticipate one of the best nights of the year.

1. I need to delete my Tinder before I go home.

If you haven’t thought of this yet, you’re welcome. I learned the hard way – I went home a few weeks ago and habitually opened Tinder…the first person to pop up was my older brother’s best friend, who is like a brother to me. That’s when I knew I wasn’t in the Big Apple anymore. Do yourself a favor, delete the app so you don’t have to go through the horror that is seeing hometown friends on your swipe screen.

2. I can’t wait to party with the three best friends anyone could have.

It’s been months since you’ve seen your best friends in the world. Maybe some aren’t able to come home for Thanksgiving, but you will most likely have at least three of your best buds home with you. Your college friends are fun and all, but there’s something just plain special about drinking with your friends that you’ve basically known since diapers.

3. I have so much to tell .

Sometimes, Facetime isn’t enough when it comes to catching up with friends. Sometimes we have stories to tell that we just can’t explain over the phone. Big life events are a big deal and should be discussed in person, not via iPhone. Whether it’s a new relationship or relationship problems in your long-distance relationship, you need your best friend to talk to and get advice from. No one does it better than them.

4. I haven’t taken a shot with _______ in so long


We all have that friend at home who knows how to party. Like, really knows how to party. You miss each other when you’re both away at school and you genuinely cannot wait to reunite and have a guaranteed good time together.

5. I really hope I don’t see at the bar.

Unfortunately, we all have that ex-someone from home that we DO NOT want to see. He/she could be an ex-significant other, or he/she could be an ex-friend. As for the people that can face their exes and still have a good time, we commend you. For many of us though, we will avoid seeing this person(s) at all costs.

6. Should I run the Turkey Trot Thursday morning? Nahhh.

Many of our hometowns have the Turkey Trot race the morning of Thanksgiving. We’ve all seen the Facebook pictures of our responsible friends who have their lives together as they flaunt their Under Armour and earmuffs, posing before or after the race. Some of our ambitious friends have even done the race AND went out the night before. We think for a hot second that maybe this year that could be us, but then we get real with ourselves and laugh at the thought of waking up at 6am to run on Thanksgiving Day.

7. I’m so pumped for Wednesday but I need to be functional in front of the family on Thursday.

There’s no conflict like wanting to go out and having DARN good night with friends…versus the prospect of having to face your family the next day. The best thing to do in this situation is to not think, just do, prepare for potential regret later, and above all, hope for the best.

8. I don’t remember the last time I saw _______. And I’m okay with that.

In high school, we were all “kinda” friends with people. We didn’t keep in touch with them after we went to college, though. There are the people you miss, and then there are the people you don’t miss. College really teaches you who your true friends are. Part of growing up is filtering out the “friends” you really don’t mind not seeing over break.

9. I wonder who we should ask to be the DD.

Ah, the struggle of going out in your hometown. For those of us that live in suburbs far away from downtown, we might have to ask our parents or friend to DD so that we don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a taxi home. Maybe some of us have friends that live in the city who wouldn’t mind taking us in for a night. Either way, trying to figure out what to do after a night of partying in your hometown isn’t exactly a piece of cake.

10. Turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving is going to taste AMAZING.

The timing of Black Wednesday is perfect (even though it doesn’t really have a choice). After a night of partying with friends, what better way to recover than a homemade, Thanksgiving meal? If only we could have turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing every time we were hungover. #gamechanger


Are you pumped for Black Wednesday?

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