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Writing an interview-winning resume is a lot important for becoming a prospect for job placement. This is, however, challenging for many job seekers. You may nonetheless be able to effectively confront this challenge if you make use of the smart tips this article is about to expose you to.

1. Let your contact info stay on top

Providing full details about your contact information to prospective employers is certainly one of the most important features you should seek to include in your resume. How do you expect the organizations or companies to get back to you without these details? Nonetheless, in supplying your contact details to employers, take note to put it at the heading of your resume.

You should not toy with things like your complete names, email address, phone number, home address and postal code at all. And you should endeavor to be as professional as possible in presenting each of them. Most of people who have once used as their resume writing tool didn’t just get interviews by magic, experts always make contact info vivid enough for employers. Therefore, in writing your resume, make yourself as accessible as possible to the employers by making your contact info obvious on your resume.

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2. Let your objective(s) be clear

What are your objectives? And how clear are they? Oftentimes, we insist that the objectives are not the things to question or worry about because most job seekers do ensure they provide their objectives. However, this is not done in a clear manner. A foggy objective bores the human resources manager like a pain in the ass.

It is the reason some job seekers may never be able to get an interview not to talk of securing their dream job. So, as much as possible give them a clear objective and more importantly, let that objective tune with the goals of the company you are applying to. Just be tactful!

3. Let them know how skilled and qualified you are

Do not form false humility here! Does that sound bullying? Nope! Do you know what? – Companies are pointedly looking for top talents, no less. If you are an accountant and you are still undergoing some training certificate program with ACA please state it, even though you are not yet certified. You need to show your skills. If you are skilled in software programming and you are only an attorney, I can assure you that you are a likely candidate.

A recent survey revealed why has been a vital tool for job seekers. And it is simply because these professionals understand that in a world enthralled in technological developments and innovations, exhibiting job applicants’ skills is paramount to securing employment. So, kindly let them know everything you do and that you are a pro at. It gives you some ground!

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4. Use good keywords

These are the buzzwords of your resume and you should not take them any lightly. In this current era of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), where your chosen keywords will determine the visibility of your resume, you dare not joke with the keywords you use in your resume. This is why resume tools such as always investigate on industry-specific keywords before producing resumes. So, for you to produce an effective resume, make sure you include the relevant keywords in your industry.

5. Go the second page if necessary

Pull yourself out of the needless trepidation that many people face when they know that they still have a lot to put down, but they are stuck with the hackneyed idea of “only one page”. Many job seekers miss their chances because they limit the stuffs that would stand them in good stead to only a page.

The gospel truth you may want to hear now is that you can go an extra mile in marketing yourself to your likely employers. They would understand. More essentially, if what you put together in the whole resume show you have a great lot about you to let them know. So, don’t muddle up your chances. Go a second page, only if you have more nice stuff.

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6. Action words and figures

Endeavor to use action verbs and numerals that show your accomplishments. This is good for describing your work experience and qualifications effectively. And as you phrase them, try to use action verbs – this lends life to them. Go numeric about the relevant details. For example, you may mention the percentage of work improvement in the sector you occupy in the workplace.

7. Be less personal

You should not provide details that do not relate to the job. Age, marital status, date of birth all belong to this class. Mention only relevant specifics! Nothing more, and you are good to go.

8. Do an eye-catching cover letter

An attractive cover letter presents you well. It makes you sell like sweaters in cold city. Ensure you do a quality cover letter that sells you as a successful career person. At times, you may need to seek the help of pro writers or editors who may help you perfect what you suppose you have done. This is to increase your employability rate.

9. Volunteer Activities

Do not underrate the volunteer work you’ve done in times past. Whether they are related to your work type or not, do include them. When you render jobs for no cost, you show the HR that you are not focused on cash only, but compassionate enough to spare some time and effort to help others and to build human community. So, do not hesitate to list out your volunteer activities if you have them.

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10. Your references

You may state your references and you may not. But, the regular practice is to always tell them “To be provided on request”. But if they request for references, make sure you are analytical and honest in providing them.


A good resume puts you on the forefront and determines your chances of obtaining a job interview. Therefore, you really need to be frank when making use of the tips discussed here. It will go a long way to distinguish you in the multitude. Good luck to you, buddy!