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Sure, your grades are important, but to land a great job after college, you need experience.  That’s why it’s SO important to have do at least one internship.  Here at CampusRiot, we want to help you land your DREAM internship.  Here are a list of tips to help you, from me, a lovely intern at CampusRiot.

1.  Do things to add to your resume.

You have to participate in things to add to your resume to set you apart from other candidates.


2. Have a BOMB resume and cover letter.

Make everyone who reads  Look up words to put on your resume, your resume and cover letter should be PERFECT and you should not send them to any companies until they are.


3.  Apply for as many internships as possible.

AT LEAST FIVE.   There are many websites with internship listings that make it so easy for you to upload your resume and cover letter so you can send it to multiple companies easily, I highly recommend you do this.  Make it easy on yourself, applying for internships is pretty damn stressful.


4.  When potential internships email you back, make sure you email them back in a timely manner.

You could lose the opportunity to go in for an interview because you took too long to reply.  Don’t burn your bridges.


5.  When you land an interview, make sure you dress the part.

Look up proper interview attire to make sure you are dress properly.


6.  Do your research.

It’s very impressive if you are able to discuss the company with the person interviewing you.  Why kind of sense does it make for someone to hire you if you don’t know anything about the company but you want to intern for them?  See what I mean?  Do your homework before the interview.


7.  When speaking during the interview, speak truthfully and confidently.

Don’t say you have certain skills when you don’t.  Focus on the ones you do have and elaborate on them.  Speak like you deserve the position.


8.  The way you communicate non-verbally, is very important.

Make sure you sit up straight and aren’t hunched over, be aware of your body and how you may come off to the interviewer.


9.  Show off your personality.

Show off who you are and what sets you apart from the competition, like your personality.


10.  Ask questions!

Every interview I have gone on has finished with, “Do you have any questions for me?”  Your answer should be YES.  If you don’t know what to ask, there are plenty sources online that can help you.


Good luck on your quest to land your dream internship!

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