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What you do with your free time during your summer internship can make or break how great your summer is. A summer internship can be stressful, but there are ways to decompress, and the best thing is not always just going back home to take a nap or go to bed early. Take advantage of wherever you are because you don’t want to look back and regret being a workaholic!

1. Take people up on their offers:

Let’s say your friend texts you to go to happy hour, but you’re not sure if you should go. You’re kind of tired from working all day and bed sounds really nice. Well, go to that happy hour! Say yes! It may not be fun and you stay for one drink, or it may be a great night where you meet tons of new people and have a great time with your friend. You also don’t know when the next time you’ll go will be so take the opportunity when you can!

2. Take a weekend trip:

Get away for a weekend–if you’re living at home go visit a friend, if you’re in the city go to the beach, if you’re away from home go visit your family, but sometimes it’s nice to get away and have a moment away from work, away from where you are living, to clear your head and really have a relaxed vacation. And it can be done in a weekend. You can leave after work Friday night or Saturday morning and still have plenty of time to enjoy yourself.


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3. Take advantage of the culture around you:

Wherever you are, there is culture. Take advantage of the museums and monuments around you. Check out local art galleries and schedules of openings. You can meet people at those types of events as well. You’ll feel accomplished for getting some culture and it’s something you can do in a couple hours on the weekend.

4. Get your friends together:

If a bunch of your friends are working in the same city or you’re back home for the summer, get a bunch of people together for dinner and going out. You can cook or go out to dinner, but it’s important to surround yourself with friends. You can get out of the mindset of work and remember you are still a college student (probably) and you need to have fun with your friends!

5. Brunch:

There is nothing like some good brunch on the weekend. Whether you cook it yourself, go alone to a restaurant, or wine (mimosa) and dine with some friends, brunch is a leisurely activity that can be delicious, relaxing and fun.


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6. Sleep in:

But not too late. Take advantage of those Saturday mornings and get a little extra sleep. You can look forward to that during the work week when you have to wake up so early. But don’t sleep the day away!

7. Make a bucket list:

Look up good restaurants on Yelp, etc, to see places you should go in your area, look up activities that are common for the area: culture, hiking, exercise classes, tours, concerts, book signings. Create a list with a friend and see how much you can do before the end of the summer

8. Make new friends:

Meet people at work, meet your friends coworkers, introduce yourself to people when you go out! It will really make the experience worthwhile if you get some new friends out of it!

9. Go to concerts:

Even if it’s a small band playing at a local bar, or an open mic night at a pub, music is a great way to unwind and concerts are always so much fun no matter what type of music they are.


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10. When you leave work, leave work:

Unless you have a conference call or you have to constantly be on your email, leave your work at work. You’ll want to separate your social life from work and so constantly talking about it and complaining about it when its unnecessary will be annoying for your friends but also yourself!

How do you spend your free time during the summer?

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