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It is almost upon us. The first day of class. As we head back to school, prepare to move in, we think about that first day. The dreaded day for some, the glorious for others. Here are 10 tips that will help you survive the first day of college classes.

Go to class:

You’re probably thinking, that’s a given, but you would be surprised. Some people are still in summer mode. It’s important to go to the first day of class, especially if you are a freshman or if you are in a small seminar class

Make a good impression:

Whether you are in a huge lecture or a small classroom, your professors and TAs are watching you and how you conduct yourself. Don’t fall asleep or talk to your neighbor on the first day of class (or ever).

Get a good seat:

Get there a few minutes before class so you are sitting in a good seat to be able to pay attention, hear, be heard, and see easily.

Probably don’t buy your books that day:

You should wait to buy your books until you’re sure you need them, and then maybe wait a day or two after the first day of classes because the bookstore is very likely very crowded and will take much longer than it needs to.

Don’t ask too many/dumb questions:

Don’t be that student that is asking the questions that the professor will eventually get to or that are answered on the syllabus. Wait until the end for your pressing questions. You don’t want to come off as obnoxious or disrespectful.

Make friends in your classes:

This can be helpful in the future for studying, for getting notes if you miss class, for exchanging notes and if you have group projects.

Take notes:

Take notes on the first day because they are probably saying important things that will come up again later or that aren’t written on the syllabus.

Make sure you want to be in the class:

Just because you’re signed up for a class doesn’t mean you are stuck in it (unless it’s a requirement you can’t get out of or exchange for a different class). Make sure you like the professor and the material before you commit to a semester and become miserable.

Check your schedule ahead so you know where you’re going and when:

You don’t want to get on campus and suddenly realize you have no idea where “Ives Hall” is so make sure you know where you are going and how long you have to get there.

Be prepared:

Don’t expect to sit back and relax the entire time, some professors like to get their students involved on the first day. Don’t come brain dead or empty handed!

Good Luck! And don’t worry!

What are your tips for surviving the first day of class?

feature image via daily republic