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Move in day will come sooner than you think. It can be a scary time for everyone, heading into the unknown and starting off on your own! Here are some tips to help you get through a little more smoothly!

1. It’s okay to be nervous

Everyone is in the same boat. Not knowing anyone, an unknown future, a new place moving out of your home. It’s normal to be nervous!

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2. Unpack the first day

Trust me on this. If you wait it will never get done. Everyone will be unpacking on the first day so you might as well get settled into your new room. After the first day everyone will be busy getting to know the campus, each other and the school in general.

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3. Don’t arrive at the same time as your roommate if you can avoid it

It will be very cramped if you arrive and try to unpack at the same time, so stagger it! It doesn’t have to be 6 hours apart but let one person do their first phase of unpacking so that there will be breathing room when everyone and their mother is in the tiny dorm together.


4. Leave your door open

This will bring new people in who will be come your friends and who are probably your neighbors for the next year. So be friendly, open and willing to meet your dorm mates.

closing door

5. Let your parents help

This is a big moment for them to, so let them help, cry, miss you, be worried for you, etc. because soon you won’t have them telling you what to do every minute.

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6. Leave your dorm the first night

The first night that I got to school, my roommate and I were so tired and we were planning on just eating dinner and then going back to our dorms and going to bed. But then we saw flocks of other freshman dressed up to go out. We were like…wait a second, how does everyone want to go out? We don’t even know where any parties are and we’re so tired from unpacking! But we ended up going to Collegetown (restaurants, bars, etc) and meeting tons of new people and getting a feel for what the nightlife was like at the school.

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7. Explore

If you have time on your first day, walk around and get to know your campus a little. Find out where the dining hall, gym, library and maybe even some of your classes are.

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8. Don’t be shy

Reach out to everyone. Your hall mates, other people in the building, sit with people at dinner that you don’t know. It will pay off. Even if you don’t become best friends with them, you (and they) will be grateful that you are meeting someone new and they can introduce you to people and it becomes a chain reaction.

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9. Pack smart

Don’t bring your entire room and all of your awards and everything that you’ve collected your entire life. Bring the practical stuff and things that will remind you of home and enough to make your room yours. Remember the size that it will be and plan accordingly. As for clothes, depending on where you go to school and when you will go home next, you can leave your winter coats at home until fall break, makes for more room, less trips up to your dorm room and less clutter in the room.

over packing

10. Don’t worry!

You will be fine. You’ll make it through the first day. You’ll make friends eventually, you’ll get to know the campus, you’ll learn to feel at home. It’s going to be fun and amazing and some of the best four years of your life!

dont worry

What are your tips for surviving move in day?

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