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First semester is finally winding down and we have so many things to look forward to – like go home for an entire month. While we’re pumped to not have classes for four weeks, we’re kind of sad about having to leave our friends and the other fun parts about college for a while.

Going home can be great. We love home cooked meals, our own comfy beds, and not having to spend our own money. But let’s be real. We can only handle being trapped in our parents’ home for so long. Luckily, there are ways to make your month-long stay at home more bearable.

10 tips to help keep you in surviving the holidays at homechristmasdoge

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1. Stay busy

This is the number one rule for not getting too bored while you’re at home. You should definitely blob out on the couch and catch up on Netflix shows while you have the chance – but don’t do this too much. Try to plan at least one thing that forces you to leave the house a day. Go to a pet store and pet some animals. Hang with friends you haven’t seen in ages. Go to the gym. Help your mom bake and prepare for the holidays. At this age, there’s no excuse for saying “I’m bored.” If you’re bored…you’re boring.

2. Get your shopping done ASAP

Don’t leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute! Shopping on Christmas Eve is a nightmare. I’m totally not condoning shopping on Black Friday either – that’s also a nightmare. Find a happy medium to get all your shopping done…like the weekend of December 7th. You will be so much less stressed out the sooner you get gifts for people on your list. 

3. Start a new hobby

Winter break is a perfect opportunity to start that blog that you’ve been meaning to create. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to go snowboarding but never have – get your snow pants ready. You have 4 weeks to master a skill that you’ve always wanted to be able to brag about. Winter break is your chance to up your street cred.

4.Be prepared for millions of questions

What is winter break without all of the awkward family parties you’re obligated to attend? Surviving the holidays, at its finest.

These things wish you could be back at one of your beloved college parties more than anything in the world. Well, your family is your family whether you like it or not. Get ready to get down and have a good time with your Aunt Pam and Uncle Jim. Also, prepare yourself for all the questions they’re gonna ask you about your life at college. It can get repetitive, but just find ways to change the subject ahead of time. You’ll be set.

5. Start searching for a summer job/internship

Four weeks off from schoolwork means I should do no work, right? Well, maybe for the first two weeks. But you should probably be proactive for at least a day or two by looking for a way to make some money/gain some experience in the summer time. You’ll thank yourself later if you get the job search out of the way ahead of time. Ain’t no body got time for that once the semester gets going again.

6. Make plans to meet up with old friends


You Facebook message friends throughout the year saying that you guys “HAVE to hang out.” Well, plans aren’t going to make themselves. Text your old friends and set up a get-together! (Did I just type get-together?) There’s no other way to put it. Someone’s gotta be the initiator. So why not you? You’ll be so glad you did after catching up with your old buds.

7. Act like a kid again

You’re not going to be in college for much longer. Do those things that are basically only socially acceptable for children to do – build a snowman, have a snowball fight, wear footie pajamas everywhere. Like wear them to the grocery store or wherever you go to buy beer. Make heads turn. And make sure you have a good ID.

8. Give back to your community

It’s the holiday season – if you are going to volunteer your time any time of the year, it’s now. You have no excuse for not giving back to others less fortunate than you in the community. Not only will you help others, but you yourself will feel rewarded after knowing that you made someone’s day, or life, better.

9. Moderation is key

Just remember to monitor your cookie intake. If you haven’t gained the freshmen 15 yet, it could all come at once over the course of this month off.

10. Soak up the free time.

Like #7 says, you’re not going to be in college for much longer, hate to break it to ya. Believe it or not, you’re not going to a have a month long “winter break” when you get a real person job. With that being said, make the most of the upcoming four weeks off. Rest while you can, but also remember to take advantage of this time to do things you won’t be able to once you have a full-time job.

What are your tips in surviving the holidays while at home?

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