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Carlie is a senior at UMASS Amherst. She is a communications major and psychology minor with a focus in interpersonal communication. Read more posts by her here!

The Zoo can often be a scary place,especially when you don’t have someone there to help you. That’s where we come in. We’re here to make your life a little bit easier…and hopefully a whole lot better. No, we can’t write your midterm papers for you, or guarantee you a spot at the cool kids table at Berk, but we can give you some tips to set you off on the right track for a successful year. With these ten tips you’ll be on navigating The Zoo like a pro in no time.

Antonio’s Has The Best Pizza…Ever

When it comes to late night munchies, Antonio’s is where it’s at. Don’t be discouraged by the mile long line, it always moves super fast. Antonio’s is known for it’s specialty slices, but if waiting in line isn’t for you there’s always “a hot cheese up front” ready in seconds.

Newman Center Is The Best Place To Study

When you’re looking for somewhere quiet to study, and don’t feel like trekking to the library, Newman Center is a great option. Newman is open til all hours and provides a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for you to go get some work done. During the day, the cafe is open and they have snacks, sandwiches, and smoothies.

Be A Proud Fan

Sporting events at UMASS are a great way to meet people, be social, and have fun. Tailgating before football, basketball, and hockey games are always awesome and the games are exciting too. If you’re not an avid fan, that’s fine but make sure you get to at least one sporting event!

Seek Extra Help

It may not seem like it, but going to your professor for extra help can make the world of difference when it comes to your grades. Professors like to see that you’re making an effort and more likely than not if they see you seeking extra help they’ll want to help you in return.

Take Advantage Of Career Fairs

UMASS offers several career fairs throughout the year that can be incredibly helpful, especially to upperclassmen. Dozens of businesses and large companies come to these fairs looking for future interns and employees. Ask your adviser when the next career fair is and get your resume together so you can impress your potential future boss.

5$ Movie Tuesday

Every Tuesday, the movie theater at the Hampshire Mall offers movies for just 5$. What could be better? On any other night of the week, if you bring your student ID, movie tickets are less than ten dollars!

Put Your Extra Swipes To Good Use

At the end of the year if you have a bunch of leftover meal swipes, don’t fret, there are ways to put them to good use. Blue Wall and the  convenient store in Southwest allow you to trade in leftover meal swipes for goodies like Gatorade and candy bars (Costco size boxes).

Free Prints At The Library

SO many people forget about it, but the library gives each student 100 free prints on their U-card. Save your money this year and take advantage of the free prints- otherwise it can get expensive. Instead of ‘borrowing’ your friends printer every Wednesday before College Writing, head to the Library and print for free!

Get Involved On Campus

UMASS is home to hundreds of clubs and organizations. The best thing you can do in college is get involved in at least one of them. Joining a club allows you to make friends, become well rounded students, and do something good for the community. Go Greek, join the Ski and Snowboarding Club, or join the Quidditch team (if that’s your thing). It doesn’t matter what you do…just get out there and do something!

Do you feel ready to take on The Zoo with these tips?


Featured photo via College Enquirer