At this point in the school year, you might be feeling a little burnt out. Who cares if you don’t do that one assignment, or finish that one book? Your grades care! Bite Size Wellness wrote a piece on giving yourself a motivational boost, and it is republished here with their permission.

Does your enthusiasm to finish the laundry, get to the bottom of your to-do list or start a project you have been putting off seem like an impossible feat? When you are having trouble getting motivated it can seem unmanageable to pull yourself out of a slump.  But, sitting around finding other non-essential activities to distract you or doing nothing at all won’t get anything accomplished.

When you need to get things done, a motivational boost will come in handy. Staying motivated can help you keep your healthy habits in check! Accomplishments, whether weight loss or work related, do the mind and body good.

Next time you are feeling unmotivated, try one of these suggestions to give yourself a boost and get things done:

1. Determine Your Motivation Style

Are you the type that feels motivated because you want something to happen? Or do you find yourself more driven when you want to avoid an undesirable outcome? Knowing what motivates you will help you boost your motivation levels when you need it most.

2. Write a Task List

Sometimes our busy life makes it difficult to keep your mind on target. Making a list of what you want to achieve is a constant reminder of the reasons you are working so hard. Look at your list often!

3. Wash Away Lethargy

A way to immediately perk up is to wash the “blahs” away. Try using a mint or fresh scented soap and bathe in a cooler temperature for an immediate pick-me-up.

4. Turn the Records On

Get your energy flowing with an upbeat playlist. Even do a little dancing…you will feel pumped up in no time.

5. Eliminate Your Stressors

Stress exhausts your mind and body which makes it hard to feel motivated. Reduce your stress by listening to your body with these tips to stress relief through your senses.

6. Set a Timer

Racing against the clock will challenge you to work faster in a set amount of time. If you aim to complete something before your appointment time you are more likely to buckle down and get your task done.

7. Guzzle Some H2O

Your lack of focus may be courtesy of dehydration. Grab a tall glass of water and drink up.

8. Get some Fresh Air

Any sense of sluggishness you may have will disappear when you get your muscles moving. Breathe deeply and let the fresh air flood you.

9. Do a Task Swap

If you are overwhelmed with several tasks that you have to tackle then alternate between them. Spend 15 minutes on one, then the other and so on. You will beat boredom and keep your mind alert and active this way.

10. Focus on the End Game

The end result is always worth having. Look into the future and imagine what you will feel like to look back on your task. The thought of this will start moving you forward.

What motivational pick-me-ups do you have? Do you use any of these when you need a motivational boost?

Featured photo credit: Camdiluv ♥ via photopin cc