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We’ve all been there… It’s 3 AM after a long night out and you get an impossible-to-combat urge to binge eat. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the phenomenon known as drunchies (drunk + munchies). At these times, we let down our dietary guards down and let our animal instincts kick in to track down the most satisfying foodporn we can get our hands on. But what are the best drunchies? Luckily, we were able to track down some people who drunkstagram their drunchies so that we have a database of the ten types of late night snacks that are sure to sooth your cravings. Enjoy.

1. The Elaborate Breakfast Drunchies

This is the ultimate “go hard or go home” drunchies experience. The elaborate breakfast meal provides all the basic food components that are sure to halt a hangover in its wake: meat, carbs, and a lot of grease.

2. The Minimalist Drunchies

When you find yourself alone in your house at 3 AM, nothing sounds better than hummus paired with absolutely anything.

3. The Specialty Pizza Drunchies

A favorite among pizza lovers and anyone else with a soul, the specialty pizza drunchies offer that enigmatic late night snacking experience comparable to divine revelation.

4. The Healthy Drunchies

For people who are afraid to YOLO.

5. The Protein-Heavy Drunchies

If you didn’t get enough protein during the day, you can make up for it with these night-cap chicken wings.

6. The Fast Food Drunchies

Even the most hard-core fast food opposers will find it impossible to resist the pull of McDonald’s at some point in their drunchie career.

7. The Liquified Drunchies

When you’re just too tired to eat anything, try drinking your drunchies through a straw instead.

8. The French Fries Drunchies

The ultimate classic. The only thing better than french fries is drunchie style french fries.

9. The Street Food Drunchies

We’re pretty convinced street vendors were made for the drunchies. I mean look at that mound of drunchie perfection.

10. The Mexican Drunchies

Get ready for a late night fiesta in your mouth with these exotic drunchies.

What do you eat when you have the drunchies?

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