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The 10 Worst Puns That Make You Laugh

Deanna Clark is SC’s Marist College Representative. She is a junior studying Public Relations and Advertising. She is currently the Vice President of the Marist College Dance Ensemble and part of the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma.

I’m a big fan of puns, no matter how terrible they are. During a stressful day, all of these will seem funny and you’ll find yourself actually LOLing. These are some of my favorite puns and I probably use them in casual conversations on a daily basis.

1. Animals can be really “punny”

Credit: BabaMail

2. Especially cats

Credit: Subscription Boxes

3. Don’t forget about dogs…

4. I don’t want even want to Taco bout this one

5. Owl always love you!

6. This is definitely how Queen Elsa from Frozen felt


7. The picture says it all

8. Three whales make a great pun

9. Food can be punny too!

10. Especially potatos

Credit: Kat’s 9 Lives

What is your favorite pun?

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