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11 Grumpy Cat Anti Valentine’s Day Memes

Ahh, it’s February, and that means love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching (P.S. it’s tomorrow, actually. You’re welcome, forgetful girlfriends and boyfriends of the world!) and you know what? It’s a horrible holiday. Why? Because people think it’s the one day of the year where you have to prove your love for someone – when really you should show them every day. But all cynicism aside (well, maybe not) it’s a “romantic” time of the year.

Speaking of cynicism and love, you know who we wish our valentine could be this year? Well, it’s a pretty well known fact by now that we love grumpy cat. In fact, we had so much fun rounding up our favorite grumpy cat Christmas memes from around the web, and we were looking forward to doing the same this Valentine’s Day – after all, it does seem like the perfect (well, sort of) holiday for our favorite cat, right? The only problem is, we were really unimpressed by the grumpy cat Valentine’s Day memes floating around, so we took it upon ourselves to make our own.

So for those of you who hate V-Day, are single and not-so-ready to mingle, or are just plain hipsters and want to celebrate Valentine’s Day ironically (It’s just a holiday made up by greeting card companies to trick consumers into thinking they’re being ironic, right? But you’re going to buy your significant other candy and flowers anyway…) here are 11 anti-Valentine’s Day grumpy cat memes for your viewing pleasure. We had a great time making these and we hope they make your V-Day that much more special (and grumpy!)

#1. We got a new poem, people!
Grumpy Valentine's Day Memes

#2. You gotta answer them straight.

#3. Better be a heart-breaker than be the one with a broken heart.

#4. Yes, hit them with this kind of stare. 

#5. Too bad, too bad, too bad.

#6. Guess it hurts worse than heartbreak. LITERALLY. 

#7. Save all the writings for another day!

#8. Raise your hands if you’ve joined the club! 

#9. Valentine’s Day is a lie

#10. Unite on V-day! 

#11. *almost chokes*

What’d you think? Send us your favorite Grumpy Cat Valentine’s Day memes!

All images created by SurvivingCollege via Quickmeme

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