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If you don’t watch MTV’s Girl Code, shut the front door.

Fist off, Girl Code is one of the best shows out there right now. Not only is the cast HILARIOUS, but also everything they have to say is so damn true. And they have A LOT to say — from wingwomen to one night stands, the topics these ladies talk about are unfailingly entertaining and real. Sometimes, it’s hard to articulate how we really feel. We can’t find the right words to say what were thinking, or maybe we don’t have the courage to speak our minds. Well, the ladies of Girl Code have absolutely NO filter, and aren’t afraid to say what all women are thinking. That is why this show is seriously the best. And it’s not just for females — guys, y’all can definitely learn a thing or two from this show. Like how you should NEVER wear a fedora because it will freak all girls out.

The second reason you should watch this is BECAUSE YOU CAN.  You can watch episodes of Girl Code FOR FREE on MTV’s website. So yeah, you’re welcome, because this is the introduction to your new favorite show.

Still need convincing? Fine. We’ve rounded up 12 hilarious and helpful life lessons we’ve learned from our favorite ladies.

1. That time Nicole said we only have pretty days as much as we have ugly ones #sorrynotsorry.


2. Carly’s wise words to the fellas.


3. How to be a really great hostess:


4. When someone you don’t like only has bad things to say about you #rude #tellem.


5. When we learned that fedoras will NEVER be OK.


6. Nessa explains exactly how we should respond to a guy staring our boobs.


7. That time we learned we’re not skinny because pizza.


8. When it comes to body image…


9. How most of us react when running into an ex…


10. Sage social media advice.


11. Again, fellas…


12. And finally: What to say to all of your friends on a diet.

girl code


(featured image via MTV)

(gifs via tumblr)

What’s your favorite quote from Girl Code?