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College is a time for young people to get an education, discover themselves, and do things that are absolutely bonkers. After college, those same antics will become unacceptable, obnoxious, and just unappealing. All the same, they make for some great stories. Here are 12 things that only college students find funny.

In the Dorms

When you search for funny pics online, chances are that some of those pics will feature clever college pranks. Only in college do you have the opportunity to cause so much trouble with so little harm. Pranks in the dorms might include:

  • Covering absolutely everything with sticky notes. The bed, the table, the floor, the windows, and the ceiling if the prankster feels especially ambitious.
  • Saran-wrapping a roommate’s clothes to his or her bed. Well, at least they’re not all over the floor now.
  • Putting a portable toilet alongside the vending machines. The effort definitely deserves kudos.

In the Realm of Fashion (or Lack Thereof)

Things You Only Find Funny In College

(Image via Flickr by Hector Alejandro)

Attending class along with the fashionistas and straight-laced nerds, there are spectacles of dress found only among the college crowd.

  • What is a college football game without the guy who spent hours painting his body, doing his hair, and making that amazing sign? Go team!
  • It is acceptable to wear sweatpants in public 1) when going to Wal-Mart, 2) when exercising, or 3) when attending a college class. Maybe college students sleep in class because they are so comfy in their clothes.
  • It’s only the students with no social life that find the time to do their laundry regularly. That might be why some show up to class wearing a swimsuit. Vacation, anyone?

In the Classroom and Library

The pressure to do well on exams doesn’t eliminate the antics that take place in study zones.

  • People in general concoct creative excuses to get out of speeding tickets, and college students come up with amazing excuses for why they missed class. At, one teacher related, “…I once had a couple of stoners tell me they missed a week of class because they had to go to a grandma’s funeral in Santa Fe… When I asked them what state Santa Fe was in, they just stood there giggling.”
  • Some might consider it awesome to have such a major hangover during class that you can’t even manage to make it out of the room before you vomit.
  • Focus! It’s finals week. Or…throw a flash rave in the library.

When it’s Time to Party

Get Drunk They Said Sharpie Marker Face Passed out Drunk College

(Image via Pichars)

Everyone needs to let loose once in a while. Of course, if you’re in college, that’s every weekend, and sometimes on weekdays.

  • Toga parties. Traditional? Yes. Sensible? No way.
  • Nothing drums up dumb laughter like using a permanent marker to decorate the face of the guy who passed out drunk on the floor.
  • When people without top-shape bodies go streaking, it’s disturbing. When beautiful college students do it, it’s still disturbing…but hey, at least they have some serious self-confidence.

Granted, some of the above-mentioned things might still be funny to the post-college crowd, but certainly not in the same way that they were during the college years. Ah, the memories…

What  are your favorite college moments?

Featured photo via.  Sources: College Humor / BuzzFeed / Bro Bible