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The 14 Stages of Midterms, As Told By Bridesmaids GIFs

Midterms are upon us, and whether you have 1 exam or 5 (or maybe just a term paper or two) you’re probably feeling the pain of studying already. If you’re valiantly suffering through exams right now, don’t worry. There is a light at the end of that tunnel: spring break. But until then, you can probably relate to these GIFs from Bridesmaids

1. It’s the weekend, and you cannot wait to debauch, watch Netflix, and not go to the gym for an entire 48 hours.

(GIF via wifflegif)

2. Then you open an email from your professor reminding you that you have a midterm on Monday.

(GIF via tumblr)

3. You think of any way to procrastinate.

(GIF via tumblr)

4. You finally sit down to do work, but end up getting distracted by the awesome jams on your study playlist.

(GIF via grist)

5. You convince yourself you’ve studied enough for the day and you deserve to take a break (for the rest of the night).

(GIF via barnorama)

6. All of the sudden it’s the night before the exam, and you decide to get serious and trek all the way to the library (with your best friends).

(GIFs via tumblr)

7. You finally reach your breaking point, but at least your friends are there for moral support.

(GIF via gifbase)

8. After pulling an all-nighter, it’s finally time to take the big test. Ya look great, ya feel great.

(GIF via tumblr)

9. You take one look at the test, and…

(GIF via tumblr)

10. During the exam you start to irrationally hate your professor.

(GIF via tumblr)

11. You finally finish. You can go home!

(GIF via tumblr)

12. Yes, you deserve to celebrate.

(GIF via tumblr)

13. Then you remember you have another midterm tomorrow, and two more the day after.

(GIF via tumblr)

14. Repeat steps 3-13.

(GIF via tumblr)

How are you surviving midterms week?

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