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Student life requires a lot of money – from loans to books and just plain survival, everything is expensive. However, working is often a tough option because you don’t always have time and commute can be hellish. But there is the option of working online too which can provide you with a lot of money on a monthly basis and still give you plenty of time to study and have fun. Here are some of the options.

1. Have your own blog

This one takes a while to work but when it does, it gives you a ton of profit. Figure out what you want to write about, make a business plan that has your goals in mind and start writing quality content. There is quite a learning curve here – from website creation and maintenance to the digital marketing world but it really does pay off in the future.

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2. Be a freelance writer

If writing has always been your thing, now is the time to monetize it. Writers are in high demand all over the web, and you can easily find a job in the niche you like. This won’t take away much of your time and it can be a great career starter.

3. Start a YouTube Channel

Here’s another option that’s quite out there, but just right for someone who loves the spotlight. Just like with the blog, figure out your subject and then make high quality videos on that topic. This will take a while but the payoff is amazing.

4. Be an online tutor

Tutoring people online is the perfect way to make money. You can easily find a subject you are good at – even if it’s just teaching English language to foreigners over the web – and earn money on that.

5. Be a virtual assistant

Being a VA takes no special skills but it does require a lot of time in your day. However, you can find a gig that will allow you to have plenty of time for yourself and still earn a pretty penny.

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6. Be a graphic designer

If you are artistically inclined, the online world is your friend. You can do commissions for portraits or illustrations, work with a blogger, sell your illustrations, create logos and many more things. Figure out what you like and go for it.

7. Transcribe

This job may not be so interesting but it does give you a decent paycheck and a flexible schedule where you have enough time for everything. All you need to do is to be quick and accurate when typing.

8. Do voice overs

If people always compliment you on your voice, this could be a great job for you. People are always looking for someone to voice their videos or even cartoons which could be a fun and lucrative job.

9. Complete surveys

“This job doesn’t really pay a lot but it does take away the least amount of your time and you don’t even have to move a muscle to do it. Look up some of the best paid survey sites online,” says Mike Terry, a lifestyle blogger at Australia2Write and NextCoursework.

10. Make and sell stuff online

If you are crafty, then making things will be a relaxing hobby and you can sell your products on various platforms, including your social media channels.

make money online

11. Data entry

Another job that’s not so fun but it’s lucrative, data entry requires fast and accurate typing and a few hours of your day.

12. User tester

This job requires you to go through a website, film yourself while doing that and using various features and then honestly commenting what’s good and what’s a bit tricky or bad.

13. Resume writing

Resume writing is a simple job with plenty of potential customers. All you have to do is set the price and let the world know that you write resumes.

14. Create a course

“If you are particularly good in a subject, you can create a course and sell it on Udemy or similar places. This could potentially be really lucrative,” says Mia Farthing, a educator at Britstudent and Write My X.

15. Invent something new

Finally, follow in the footsteps and create something new – like an app or a product – that will impress the world. This may be a bit far-fetched but for the right person, this can be a future career.


Being a student certainly isn’t cheap and working in the real world is not easy when you have to study too. However, the online world provides for a pretty interesting set of opportunities, some of which may end up being your future career. Working online gives you the perfect basis to earn money and have stuff on your portfolio later in life.