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So, I recently went to a party this weekend at some Frat house and let me just say, the time has come.  I knew it would come some day and I definitely knew in the beginning of this semester that the day was approaching rather quickly, but I didn’t expect it to happen before Halloween.  Ladies and gentleman, I am completely over college parties.  Now, I was never a big college party go-er, since I transferred to a four year school, but I have attended my fair share.  This past weekend made me realize that is time to hang up the gloves.  Now, bars and clubs are still awesome, I’m from the Atlantic City area, I turned 21 before I transferred to a four year school so I was living my life in AC’s bars and clubs.  It was kind of hard going from beautiful clubs and bars by the beach to well, nasty frat parties.  I gave it a shot though but my time is done.  If you’re like me and feel like you’re time is approaching, but you’re not sure, I have created a list of signs to look out for.

1.  You are sitting in the corner playing Candy Crush.  Yes, this was me this past weekend.  I was playing Candy Crush.  At a college party.  With music.  And alcohol.


2.  If you make up lies to tell your friends why you can’t go out.  Yeah, you’re not working on your paper.  You’re watching Netflix in bed and eating some Chinese takeout.



3.  If the idea of staying in bed on a Friday watching Netflix and eating Chinese takeout sounds like more fun than going out.



4.  You feel guilty about drinking with 18 year olds.  Who are these children?? What are they doing? Why are they wearing those outfits? Where are their mothers?



5.  You don’t want to look around and see who’s at the party.  It’s too damn hot and you just want to stay in one place, even if it’s by yourself.  Don’t care, I just adjusted to how hot this place is, definitely not going to start walking around again.



6.  You start thinking about your safety and you think to yourself, “Wow, there’s a lot of people in this basement and wow, there’s a lot of people upstairs. What if the ceiling caves in.”  Or maybe my crazy anxious self is the only one that thinks about it.


7.  You would rather spend money going out then go to a party where you know you can drink for free.  I would 1000% rather go to a bar or club and spend money on drinks and possibly entrance than go to a college party.


8.  You want to punch every person that bumps into you in the face.


9.  There’s a Real Housewives marathon on and you would rather watch it even though you’ve seen every episode.


10.  Instead of going to a frat house on Halloween you would enjoy yourself more if you stayed home in bed.


11.  You would rather stay home and read a book.


12.  You know that hot guy from your bio class will be there but you don’t care, not worth it.


13.  You’re JAM comes on and you don’t even head to the dance floor to drop it like it’s hot.


 14.  You hate everyone around you.


 15. You’re texting your mom or dad.



If you have realized that you’re over college parties, you are not alone.  It’s okay, there’s more to life than college parties, a lot more.  Life goes on and gets better, trust me.

Are you over college parties?

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