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Going away to school is fun, especially when your giving yourself a break from all that studying, and going out. Spongebob explains the 15 stages you face when you venture out to the bars with your friends:

When you’ve finally convinced your roommate to go out:

spongebob hooray!

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When the pregame is so fun you forget that your supposed to even go out afterward:

spongebob pregame

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When your on the dance floor and your favorite song comes on:

sponegbob dancing

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When you see someone flirting with your friend’s crush:

spongebob guuuurl

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When the cute guy you’ve been staring at all night finally asks for your number:

spongebob guy asking for number

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When you decide to leave your tab open and buy drinks for all of the new friends you just made two minutes ago:

spongebob money

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When you take a break at the bar to go to the bathroom and you realize that you drank more than you thought:

spongebob googly eyes

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And then you shortly pay for it afterward:

spongebob puke

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After your night out and the pizza man finally gets here:

spongebob drooooling

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And it barely makes it past your front door:

spongebob pizza

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And you of course you have room for dessert:

spongebob cookies

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When you put your really drunk roommate to bed for the night:

spongebob kiss

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When you realize you have an 8 am tomorrow morning:

spongebob work in morning

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When you realize that your roommate brought someone home last night as you try to sneak into the shower:

spongebob squidward

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When you wake up the next morning and you begin to question your decision making skills:

spongebob loner

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Do you do any of this when you go out?

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