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Former iPhone users that somehow break themselves away from Apple’s clutches and start using other devices have been complaining about not receiving messages from their friends that still have iPhones. Apple has responded by developing a feature that allows former iPhones users (or really anyone) to un-link┬átheir number from iMessage. Woohoo! Thanks Apple.

When Apple announced the iPhone 6, we came up with a list of demands. We are still waiting for them to be met, but it looks like Apple is getting closer. Because of these technological advances and the fact that we live in the future, here are some things we would like in the next OS update. Or at least offered in the App Store.

1. A way to unsubscribe from group messages

2. A feature that reminds you to respond to a text that you thought you responded to but it was only in your head

3. An app that bakes chocolate chip cookies for you

4. A GPS that always locates your charger and/or finds the closest phone charger to you at any given moment

5. The ability to play audio from Youtube after closing the app

6. The ability to scroll through Facebook without accidentally liking things so you can stalk your crush in peace

7. A feature that allows you to unsubscribe from a group message

8. An app that just picks something from Netflix that perfectly fits your mood

9. A GPS that allows you to know if you are about to come within 50 feet of an ex

10. A calculator extension that converts your paycheck into Chipotle burritos.

11. A teen slang translator

12. The emoji update we were promised in June

13. A way to mute someone when they start talking about something boring

14. An app that allows you to remove yourself from group messages

15. But really why can’t you still listen to audio from Youtube when you open another app

16. No please can we just remove ourselves from group chats seriously I can’t even anymore

17. A feature that prevents Bono from downloading another album onto your phone


What would you like to see in the next OS update?

feature image via iStock