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I’m just going to come right out and say this: Justin Timberlake is a god among mere mortals. Let’s put aside the fact that he’s ridiculously, unattainably good-looking, because there’s so much more to him than that. Justin is flawlessly talented as a singer, dancer, actor, and comedian. Nearly 20 years ago he became a ’90s teen dream heartthrob with impossible ramen noodle hair who dated Britney Spears and wore a lot of denim, and now he’s basically the king of the world.

With a career that spans over 20 TV and movie roles including films like The Social Network and Friends With Benefits, 3 iconic solo albums (as well as 3 studio albums with ‘N Sync) — plus, have you seen his new video? — and 5 flawless nights of hosting Saturday Night Live, to say that Justin Timberlake is successful is an understatement. Justin, if you’re reading this, just know that ain’t nobody love you like I love you. In fact, let me literally count the ways.  (There are 17.) To the rest of the world, if you’re already obsessed, come fangirl with me. And if you don’t already adore him, here are 17 reasons to change your mind.

1. First, just look at his face.

Justin Timberlake Face 20-20 Experience GIF

No, really. Look at it.

JT Bad Teacher GIF


2. He has sweet dance moves.

JT Single Ladies GIF

Whoops, sorry. Wrong GIF…

justin timberlake dancing gif

That’s better.

3. The evolution of his hair.

I mean, he went from this:

jt nsync ramen hair

to this:

justin timberlake black and white gif

…to this:

justin timberlake 20-20 experience gif

4. He has a flawless sense of style.

justin timberlake matt lauer man pursejustin timberlake matt lauer man purse it's a satchel

5. He’s part of the best bromance of all time.

Jimmy Fallon Jt History of Rap GIF

Nothing in life makes me happier than his friendship with Jimmy Fallon. Not even adorable baby animals.

justin timberlake jimmy fallon scene from ghost gif

Yep. They’re cuter.

6. Every time he’s ever been in a giant foam costume.

Justin Timberlake Omeletteville SNL costume I'm a slave for you gif

7. So this time.

justin timberlake veganville tofu costume gif

(gif via)

8. This time.

now you're just a present that I used to know wrappinville gif - justin timberlake and jimmy fallon

9. Yep, this time too.

justin timberlake beer costume SNL gif

(gif via)

10. And this time.

Also, he does a perfect impression of the Moviefone guy.

Not included: the time he was a cup of soup, a plastic bottle, etc.

11. The face he makes when he tries not to laugh.

justin timberlake jimmy fallon impersonation snl

justin timberlake veganville gif

Crazy eyes.

12. His flawless impersonations.

justin timberlake elton john gif

justin timberlake robin gibb chest hair gif

justin timberlake jimmy fallon jessica gif

Doesn’t matter who.

13. This.

dick in a box gif

14. He’s super smooth.

justin timberlake suit and tie gif

15. And super sassy.

justin timberlake cry me a river gif


16. And he’s just one of a kind.

there can only be one justin and that is me justin timberlake gif

17. I mean, why wouldn’t you love him?

justin timerlake mannequin arms gif

I don’t know either, Justin.

What’s your favorite Justin Timberlake moment?

All GIFs via Giphy unless otherwise specified. Featured photo via Getty Images.