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20 Hilariously Sad College Demotivational Posters

So we are all back in the college grind now (or preparing to head back to school for the semester/quarter). Freshmen are having fun at orientation week, upperclassmen are preparing to be the new RAs, we’re all anticipating that first class of the year. To (de-?)motivate you for your upcoming college year, here are 20 hilariously sad college demotivational posters for your (kind of) entertainment!

Did you laugh? Did you cry? Did I accidentally make you depressed about your highly anticipated semester? I’m sorry about that, but you’ve been forewarned — “sad” was in the title! I think my depressed moment was when Snooki popped up onto the screen.

OR, maybe you want more! Well, you can check out my carefully curated list of Futurama Fry Memes with college students in mind!

What’s your favorite of college demotivational posters? 

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