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There couldn’t have been a better year to be a college student — not since the 1960s. It was a year of revolution, of theatrics, of change — for better or for worse. No matter the critics of various movements at home or around the world, I sincerely believe in the inspiring momentum that has hit the college student stride.

For me personally, 2011 has been a year of experience. Thanks to NYU Stern and the Barr Family International Studies Program, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to go on an international trip of my choice. This past March, I spent an amazing week in Budapest, Hungary, where I was immersed in the political, social, and business culture of an Eastern European nation.

May 2011 marked the time I launched CampusRiot, as a part of an exciting new venture for a company I joined.

But most importantly, Fall 2011 has marked a student revolution that my closest friends all got involved in. As a response to the execution of Troy Davis, my closest friends launched the NYU Troy Davis Response Collective. And even more exciting, I experienced a truly personal tug-of-war when my business and public policy majors were at odds at the height of the Occupy Wall Street movement. NYU students had protested the controversial donations surrounding the renovation of the business school building, deeming the protest Occupy Stern.

The purpose of this little story was to show all you college survivors that college is not only about academics and getting a job. It’s about getting involved in movements that are bigger than yourself. Fellow staff writer Camille Medina explains exactly what it means to be involved in college strikes.

Without further ado, the Google video that inspired this little soapbox moment. Let’s hope 2012 is just as exciting! Which, thanks to the next presidential election, it definitely will be!