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We’re pretty sure this goes without saying, but there’s no better way to virtually celebrate the holidays than with memes. Let’s think about this a little: what is one thing that everyone does (or at least thinks about) once the New Year rolls around? Make New Year’s resolutions. And what happens to most people’s resolutions? They fail. Miserably. What do memes do best? Poke fun at failure. So, if we do the math, January 1st times New Year’s resolutions plus memes should equal, well, hilarious.  The math doesn’t lie, so to ring in the New Year, we’ve rounded up our favorite New Year’s resolution memes. Check them out and try not to be too hard on yourself! Who knows, maybe you’ll actually make it to the gym in 2013. Or maybe you should make your resolutions more attainable, like looking at more memes come the New Year. Just a thought…

New Year's Resolution Meme

New Year's Resolutions Meme

New Year's Resolution Memes Grumpy Cat

New Year Resolution Meme

New Year's Resolution Memes

New Year's Resolution Meme

New Year's Resolution Meme Cats

New Year's Resolution Meme

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